November 28, 2014

Jamberry Nails: I Get Paid to Have Pretty Nails!

Jamberry Jamberry Ra Ra Ra! 
So I've taken the leap and I'm officially selling Jamberry!  So ill be doing posts for this weekly!  

So what does that mean for you?  Well if your like me I love having my nails done. BUT, I have really bad allergies!  So that means no polish smells! I can't stand them! It gives me a headache! 

So when I found Jamberry I was over joyed to find something that I could use and well didnt have a smell!  The other great thing is that since these are so fast applying and require no dry time.  Its so easy to put them on my 4 year old.  

They come in a variety of colors and well last but not least they last!  Up to 2 weeks which I'm trying to prove that they can last even longer than that!  

So here is a quick look at what Jamberry has to offer! 

For all links below make sure that it links to this store

For little hands they have Jamberry Juniors these are still only $15.00 a sheet and are great for little girls!  Ive already ordered the Frozen ones (called Snow and Ice) Snow & Ice

Right now if you order anything from the Back for Black Jamberry will donate a portion to the Salvation Army! BACK FOR BLACK

Also spend $50 by the first of Dec. and you will not only get the above design but you will also get Buy 3 Get 1 Free!  So thats a twofer! BACK FOR BLACK

Want your stuff in time for Christmas!  Make sure you order by Dec. 10th for the US and Dec. 1st for Can!  

Outside of the Us?  Just order via PM on my Facebook page and ill ship it for you! 
(Fee of $10 + shipping)

Want to sell Jamberry!  Its $99 to join!  But if you host a party you can get up to a $50 credit on your fee. What do you get for your fee? A lot!  You get all thats listed below as well as you get to CHOOSE 3 Sheets!  That means you can choose ANY 3 Sheets you WANT! Thats a $45.00 Value right there! 

50 Catalogs
25 Brochures
100 Order Forms
Rubber Cuticle Pusher
50 Orange Sticks
5 Nail Files
Mini Heater
Alcohol Wipes
Consultant Guide
3 Buffers
3 Sets of Scissors
50 Sample Cards
1 Sheet of Jamberry Nails
Credit to Order 3 Sheets of Nails of Your Choosing
3 Months of Use on Your Personal Website 

Yes you knew this was coming!  Right now until Dec. 29th Buy ANY Jamberry Product and you will receive 1 Mystery Bag from me! Each bag has at least 3 books in it!  

Host a Party and sell at least $150.00 and get a Med Flat Rate box full of books and swag! 

And for the big One! 

If you join with my link and become a consultant you will get a LARGE FLAT RATE BOX! Full of books and swag! (finished and ARC) 

As well as 100 points extra in any giveaways I do for the next year!  

Ill even book your first party and order a minimum of $50.00!  

"All opinions are 100% honest and my own." 

  Disclaimer: Thanks to Goodreads and Amazon for the book cover, about the book, and author information. If you can not see the link above you will need to turn off your spam blocker. Buying via these above links allows my site to get a % of the sale at no cost to you. This money gets used to buy items for giveaways.


Rachael Rivera said...

Jamberrt nails are so pretty! I wish o had the money for them. Maybe after Christmas!!

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