January 26, 2015

#RockTheLunchBox with @Influenster and @annieshomegrown @HonestTea @rudisorganic @Applegate @annieshomegrown

#RockTheLunchbox!  Its time to rock it healthy! 

Here is my review for each item. 

Annie's Crackers

These we can't recommend.  They didnt taste very well and after being open for only 15 minutes they felt like they were weeping in their bag. 

Honest Kids Juice 

Again we can't recommend this one either.  The juice although easier to open than Capri Suns. The juice didnt have any real taste.  It pretty much tasted like light flavored water. 

Rudi's Bakery Bread

We grabbed the Cinnamon Raisin from the freezer and OMG it was good!!  We finished the entire loaf in like three days!  It works great with some cream cheese toasted. Or like me I put some butter and some blackberry jam on it.  YUMMY!!

Applegate HALF TIME

Although this one was pretty good.  It didnt come with a drink and each item was individually packaged. So it would be ok for older kids but not younger kids. 

The yogurt in this was good, the gummies were not very tasty, the turkey, cheese, and crackers were good. 

Annie's Frozen Snacks

Although these cost way more than other brand names of the Pizza Bagel Bites.  They were pretty good. You get 9 in a package for almost $5.00 so pretty costly.  But if you are looking to eat healthy then there should be on your list. 

 Go Into This One Knowing 

The total cost for all these items was $23.00
If you want to eat healthy then these are what you should get (etx for the ones that weren't very good.)

If you don't really care much about eating healthy then you can get the same items for around


"All opinions are 100% honest and my own." 

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