March 27, 2015

@CuriosityQuills #Review of The Devil's Flower (The Eternal Beings #1) by Lisa Collicutt

Killing isn’t exactly on Rosalie Lockwood’s list of things to do when she runs away from home. But despite her search for peace; guns and motorcycles become her latest fashion accessories as Divine interference leads her to Steele, co-leader of the Fallen Paladins motorcycle club.

Leathered and tattooed, Steele’s presence scares off most people he comes in contact with — but not Rosalie. She’s immediately drawn into the dangers of his biker world—and into his heart.

But Steele guards a secret that if Rosalie knew, could shatter their new love — along with destroy the human race. And the truth comes at a price. 

Will Rosalie risk her soul to prove her loyalty to Steele?

The Dark and Light Realms collide as Rosalie chooses between life, death, and the ever-after to become that which she is fated to destroy.
 About the Author


Lisa likes to write dark and twisted tales of magic and romance. She has a passion for Young Adult and New Adult Paranormal. 

When she's not conjuring tales about witches, demons, and other magical beings, she can be found leathered, and bound to the back of her husband's Harley, touring her homeland of Nova Scotia, Canada.

Enter Lisa's imagination where light ends and fantasy begins. But heed these warnings . . . it's dark, it's magical, you may experience tingles.

It amazes me how some of these authors can make such great stories. She blew me away with her teen book The Gathering Darkness and now with the New Adult she has done it again.  I loved this story and how the paranormal aspect doesn't jump in until about 100 pages or so into the book.  It reminded me of what Claudia Grey did with her Evernight series. 

This one was a great story with the paranormal aspect of demons and angels but Lisa goes one step further by adding you guessed it Motorcycles!  Vroom Vroom!  Although this one has a tiny bit of insta attraction Steele tries everything he can to ignore it. 

Great fast read! 

I really can't wait for book two! 

"All opinions are 100% honest and my own." 


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