May 28, 2015

#Daily #Giveaway for 1,000 #Views #giveaway

Who loves giveaways? Well I know I do!  So I thought to boost my views even more that I would start doing this as a daily post. So heres the first one!  Just follow the instructions below. 

You may enter between the times of 5am and 8pm ET. 

How It Works

1. Tweet/Facebook to an author you want to see on the show!

@CrossroadReview would love to have you on #AuthorChat find out more here

2. Watch this playlist! 

3. Comment on the Playlist via Youtube! Just click the link

4. Vote Thumbs Up on the video and share it! 

5. Comment with what you did and your email. 

6. If I hit at least 1000 views in that day from 5am to 8pm then I will pick 1-to a few winners!

What You Win

Items that you will win will range from 
Other cool things


You can enter once a day! 
You can be anywhere on Earth to win!
If you are part of my street team I will tag you in a post there. 
If not then I will email you. 

Comments will be deleted daily 


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