May 20, 2015

Your Body is My Prison by Oksana Leslie

Humanoids from Cassiopeia don't feel pain and they have chose Earth as a perfect place for punishment of their perpetrators. Cassiopeians call that process "the rehabilitation". A soul of a criminal has to suffer and die with its human host in order to learn about the pain and appreciation of a life. The bloodshed measures the sentence.

An eighteen-year-old girl from Florida, Michelle, really enjoys fiction and UFO footage videos. Her biggest dream is to meet an alien from another world and feel connected to the universe. 

Tavy used to be a healer in his world. However, jealousy turned him into a murderer. He is sentenced to suffer in Michelle's body.
Tavy feels everything she does; her personal path lies with Tavy's as she tries to help the alien prisoner to get his freedom back. They both have to experience different executions and deaths in other people's bodies when Michelle is asleep. Tavy found many weird things about the Earth. Michelle was wondering before, why aliens do not contact humans? She finds the answer during bloody rehabilitations, when she and Tavy learn about creepy rituals and traditions people of the modern day still practice. 
The characters learn that
- be careful what you wish for,
- dreams are a different variation of reality,
- humans can control their nightmares
Is body is a prison? We all are body prisoners in a way.
 About the Author
Oksana Leslie was born in the USSR to the family of a Russian doctor and a Ukrainian musician. This is where her passion for the written word began, a passion she embraces today as an American citizen in her second language, English. She is a published author in Russia. She has a master’s degree in Russian language and literature. She has her own blog for Russian immigrants where they can read about life in America at She is a mother of three boys, a blood donor, and a CEO of a family business, Leslie Painting and Home Renovations, LLC. As a teenager, Oksana devoured science fiction and dreamed of being a writer. Your Body Is My Prison is her first sci-fi horror novel. The name “Tavy from Cassiopeia” came to her when she was eleven years old, and she began writing the book in 2008. She has rewritten it many times in Russian and in English. Oksana’s hobbies are gardening, yoga and Zumba, photography, reading, and blogging. Oksana rarely watches TV and never plays computer games. She also does not like cooking and cleaning, but is an expert in both, because everyone is a body prisoner in a way.

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