June 03, 2015

@BookSparks #Review #Giveaway of Insatiable by Shary Hauer

In her professional life, Shary Hauer was a confident, successful, high-caliber executive coach who advised big-time corporate leaders around the globe—but her personal life was an entirely different matter. When it came to love, she was insecure, clingy, desperate, willing to do anything and everything to win and keep a man. Because without a man by her side, what good was she?

In Insatiable, Hauer fearlessly chronicles her emotional journey from despair to hope, rejection to redemption, and self-hate to self-love, one man at a time. In candid detail, she relates what it is like to be trapped in the torturous cycle of love addiction—what it’s like to be forever searching, needing, obsessing, scheming, and agonizing for love, suffering from a hunger that never ceases—and what it takes to break free of that cycle. An intimate, soul-baring tale that sheds much-needed light on one of the least understood and talked about addictions, Insatiable is the story of one woman’s journey through the hellish, the humiliating, and the humbling in her single-minded pursuit of the most addictive drug of all: love.
 About the Author


Shary Hauer is a Master Certified Executive Coach (MCC) with nearly twenty years of success in Leadership and Executive Development with Fortune 500/1000 leaders, and the founder of The Hauer Group, a strategic consulting and coaching firm. Her business writings have been published in outlets including Working Woman and HOW magazines and The CEO Refresher; her creative nonfiction work has been published in Chicken Soup for the Recovering Soul and Sage Woman magazine. She lives in Clearwater Beach, Florida where she glories in the wonders of the sea, befriends feral cats, and volunteers for the hungry, homeless, and elderly.

Although I'm not a huge fan of memoirs I did enjoy this book.  I can say that I have known people like the journey that this author took.  From people who just couldn't be alone (the would loose man to just hop to another) to those who give away anything they had to have friends.  So this one did touch a part of me that will live in my soul for some time.  

It was interesting to learn of what the author went through.  This book was a very short and quick read and it would have been just a tad better if it would have been longer. 

 Go Into This One Knowing 
Addiction, Love, Memories

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