July 25, 2015

#Review of The War Against the Assholes by Sam Munson

The novel is set in a Manhattan “shrouded in mystery” and follows a 17-year-old Catholic high school student who begins to acquire supernatural powers after being introduced to a book called The Calendar of Sleights by a strange classmate. The protagonist is then pulled into a long-running war among rival factions of magicians.
 About the Author

Sam Munson’s writing has appeared in n+1TabletThe New York TimesThe Wall Street JournalThe NationalThe Daily BeastCommentaryThe Times Literary SupplementThe New York ObserverThe Utopian, and numerous other publications. His first novel, The November Criminals, is being adapted into a film.

So I wasn't so sure about this one.  Having a word like asshole as part of a title is well a little much.  But I really liked the cover and what the book was about.  Im all for the magic.  This reminded me of the movie/book The Ganges of New York but with a magic twist.  

Although the characters were great in this one that author leaves the reader to figure out what was going on and well after a lot of this going on I just didnt know what to do.  This book in many places was very confusing and hard to follow.  

 Go Into This One Knowing 
Wasn't for me

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