July 07, 2015

#SRC2015: Wishful Thinking by Kamy Wicoff

Jennifer Sharpe is a divorced mother of two with a problem just about any working parent can relate to: her boss expects her to work as though she doesn t have children, and her children want her to care for them as though she doesn t have a boss. But when, through a fateful coincidence, a brilliant physicist comes into possession of Jennifer s phone and decides to play fairy godmother, installing a miraculous time-travel app called Wishful Thinking, Jennifer suddenly finds herself in possession of what seems like the answer to the impossible dream of having it all: an app that lets her be in more than one place at the same time. With the app, Jennifer goes quickly from zero to hero in every part of her life: she is super-worker, the last to leave her office every night; she is super-mom, the first to arrive at pickup every afternoon; and she even becomes super-girlfriend, dating a musician who thinks she has unlimited childcare and a flexible job. But Jennifer soon finds herself facing questions that adding more hours to her day can t answer. Why does she feel busier and more harried than ever? Is she aging faster than everyone around her? How can she be a good worker, mother, and partner when she can t be honest with anybody in her life? And most important, when choosing to be with your children, at work, or with your partner doesn t involve sacrifice, do those choices lose their meaning? Wishful Thinking is a modern-day fairy tale in which one woman learns to overcome the challenges and appreciate the joys of living life in real time."
 About the Author


Kamy Wicoff is the author of Wishful Thinking, a novel about a divorced mother of two boys (as a divorced mother of two boys, she didn't have to reach hard for that one) who gets an app on her phone that lets her be in two places at the same time. (She could have used the app to help her finish the book faster.) She is also the bestselling author of the nonfiction book I Do But I Don't: Why The Way We Marry Matters, and founder of one of the world's largest communities for women writers, www.shewrites.com. She is also founder, with Brooke Warner, of She Writes Press. She lives with her family in Brooklyn, New York. To learn more, visit www.kamywicoff.com.

This was a wonderful story.  I know that if I had the choice I wouldn't mind a magical app to help me out.  Esp. right now while I'm playing catch up with all of these posts. 

Well although I have found myself wanting to be one of those moms with a date book filled to the brim with things to do.  I think that Jennifer in this book was well pulling herself in way to many directions. She really needed to get priorities straight. 

I think this would be a great movie for the Lifetime Network.  It seems to be right up their ally.  

The characters in this were cute.  MC and side ones as well.  There was a little romance and some intrigue.  It was so worth the read. 

 Go Into This One Knowing 
Time travel

"All opinions are 100% honest and my own." 

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