August 23, 2015

#Review fo Fear Street Super Thriller: Party Games / Don't Stay Up Late (Fear Street Relaunch #1-2) by R.L. Stine

In one volume, R.L. Stine presents two bone-chilling stories of teens in terror in his worldwide bestselling Fear Street series, which has sold 80 million copies around the world.

In Party Games, Rachel is thrilled to be invited to Brendan Fear's exclusive birthday party on Fear Island. When Rachel arrives at the island, a scavenger hunt turns up some horrifying surprises. Soon, Rachel has to fight to survive the deadliest game of all -- the game of murder.

In Don't Stay Up Late, Lisa is plagued by nightmares and hallucinations after a horrible accident that landed her in the hospital for weeks. Lisa is happy to take a babysitting job to get her mind off of the terrible events of the past. But then her friends begin dying one by one. Are Lisa's nightmares coming true?

With double the fear and double the fun, this Fear Street Super Chiller will appeal to fans of the original Fear Street series as well as the countless young adults who have grown up reading R.L. Stine.
 About the Author
R.L. STINE is one of the bestselling children's authors in history, with more than 400 million books sold to date. In 1989, Stine created the Fear Street series, one of the bestselling young adult book series in history, with 80 million copies sold worldwide. He is also the author of the bestselling children's series Goosebumps, which began in 1992 and has sold 300 million copies around the world.

I grew up with books like Goosebumps etc and I have to say that as I got older my love of these stories grew.  At one time I think I had every book that R.L. Stine ever wrote.  Now I'm happy to share my love of R.L. Stine with my girls. 

This bind up is the best thing!  It has the first two books of the Fear Street series and well my daughter read the whole thing without realizing that she read not one but two books.  They are short and wonderful for the younger reader and well even they might still ask for the light on at night.  

This is a great bind up of two stories that will get your blood boiling and your fear running away with you.  Great for the middle school and lower teen crowd.  You won't be disappointed. 

 Go Into This One Knowing 
Creepy Sleep with the light on 

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