August 23, 2015

#SBPT: Who or What is your fav magical creature? with @OhanaReads

This week we have Stephanie from Ohana Reads
 About the Author
Heyyy! I'm Stephanie Ehmann. I am a book nerd in high school and I adore books. Being a book nerd, I always have a book with me. And when I have a moment, I am always reading.
 One day I would like to be work in the book publishing industry, preferably in cover design.

Ohana Reads (Stephanie)

Twitter: @OhanaReads

Vampires, Witches, and Were-Wolves!  Who or What is your fav magical creature? 
   I grew up reading about a lot of vampires, the Twilight Saga, The House of Night and the Night World. When it came to the Night World series by L.J. Smith it also had a whole collection of magical creatures besides just vampires. The one that caught my eye was the shapeshifter, I first read about them in the ninth book of the series, Witchlight. 
   I know werewolves are considered shapeshifters, but I was always fascinated by people shapeshifting into some sort of cat. Cats have an elegance to them, as well as a predatory feel. I think that was another reason I was allured into the Tiger Saga by Colleen Houck. 
   If I were to be a creature of some sort I’d definitely be a Were-Tiger or Jaguar. 

"All opinions are 100% honest and my own." 

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