September 30, 2015

#Review of An Inheritance of Ashes by @leahbobet

An Inheritance of Ashes 
The strange war down south—with its rumors of gods and monsters—is over. And while sixteen-year-old Hallie and her sister wait to see who will return from the distant battlefield, they struggle to maintain their family farm.

When Hallie hires a veteran to help them, the war comes home in ways no one could have imagined, and soon Hallie is taking dangerous risks—and keeping desperate secrets. But even as she slowly learns more about the war and the men who fought it, ugly truths about Hallie’s own family are emerging. And while monsters and armies are converging on the small farm, the greatest threat to her home may be Hallie herself.

 About the Author
Leah Bobet drinks tea, wears feathers in her hair, and plants gardens in back alleys. She lives in Toronto, Ontario, where she writes literary fantasy and young adult fiction about the secret hearts of cities.

I hadn't really heard of this book until about a month ago but I'm glad I did! It was an interesting read and not something I've ever read. It was slow paced but in a tolerable way. I was really invested in the characters and their lives, though I really didn't like Marthe, Hallie's (main character) pregnant big sister. She wasn't really all that nice to Hallie. But I also think Hallie should have voiced her complaints more often. The setting was wonderfully detailed and the concept was awesome! The ending felt a little rush and I REALLY want to know what has happened to the characters now. This was a really good book.

 Go Into This One Knowing 
stand alone, slow but good

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