September 18, 2015

#Review of Very in Pieces by @meganbfrazer

Very in Pieces
Very Sales-Woodruff is done being a good girl. Done being the only responsible one in a family that’s unraveling. Done being the obliging girlfriend in a relationship that’s sinking. Done saying no to what she wants—like Dominic, her rebellious classmate.

With her mom’s drinking, her dad’s extended absences from home, and her younger sister, Ramona, running wild, the path Very has always seen for herself doesn’t seem to matter anymore. At the same time, Very’s grandmother, a poet known less for her work and more for her exploits with the likes of Andy Warhol and Arthur Miller, is slipping away.

If everything else can fall to pieces, why can’t she?

 About the Author

Megan Frazer Blakemore grew up in New Hampshire, and from there moved on to California, New York, Northern Ireland, the Ivory Coast, and Boston before settling in Maine with her husband and children. She attended Columbia University where she studied literature and writing. After a brief stint in the television industry, she decided to become a librarian.

This book was slow. It was hard to stay focused on it. I feel like it took forever for anything to happen. The side characters really weren't all that memorable. Her boyfriend was just there, nothing too special about him. Now Dominic. I don't think I'll ever forget about him. He had such an impact on Very. He saw her as a person and not just "perfect". Poor Very. She was the only responsible one and that was hard on her to take care of her dysfunctional family.
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crazy family, slow

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