October 09, 2015

#Giveaway #IndieBF15 Contessa: Princess of the Summer Fae (Summer Fae) By @GraylinFox

My cabin sits near a portal to the Otherworld. The Dark Fae are sending ogres to kill any humans who survived the plague they unleashed a year ago. First a baby dragon, then a goblin, show up looking for me. That's when the fairy I'd known for a year decides to tell me I'm an elf and my high school boyfriend runs the Dark Fae. I went from human with a bad breakup to a fairy tale creature that was still in love with a killer in three days. A trip through the Otherworld portal shows me my birthplace and dangles the promise of a happy ending I thought was gone. Confronted with true evil, I have to learn my ice magic while fighting for my life. With rekindled love and a new family to protect, I'll have to battle a psychotic elf with lightning power. One bolt and I'll disintegrate. One of us won't survive.
 About the Author

Graylin Fox is an Urban Fantasy author of Contessa: Princess of the Summer Fae, the Arcane Court Series (Death Dealer, Red Lady, Shadowed Vengeance, Demon Child), and the paranormal romance Candy Man Delivery Series which she writes as Graylin Rane. Graylin is also a psychologist, and used this knowledge when writing Smolder, a novel about a hospital psychologist, and Your Biggest Fan, about a woman obsessed with a boy band member. In addition, she owns Dark Fantasy Press, an Indie publishing house catering to the dark urban fantasy and horror genres. She still practices psychology in South Florida, unwinding with her friends at the beach. 

Loved, loved, LOVED! Highly thrilling and awesome, this book had me on pins and needles! I loved the fierceness and the protective instinct as well as all the twist and turns that had me on the edge of my seat! A totally wild and epic adventure! 

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