October 14, 2015

#Giveaway #IndieBF15: Highland Solution (Duncurra #1) by Ceci Giltenan

Highland Solution (Duncurra, #1)
Niall MacIan, a Highland laird, desperately needs funds to save his impoverished clan. Lady Katherine Ruthven, a lowland heiress, is rumored to be “unmarriageable” and her uncle hopes to be granted her title and lands when the king sends her to a convent. King David II anxious to strengthen his alliances sees a solution that will give Ruthven the title he wants, and MacIan the money he needs. Laird MacIan will receive Lady Katherine’s hand along with her substantial dowry and her uncle will receive her lands and title.
Lady Katherine must forfeit everything in exchange for a husband who does not want to be married and believes all women to be self-centered and deceitful. Can the lovely and gentle Katherine mend his heart and build a life with him or will he allow the treachery of others to destroy them?

About the Author
Ceci started her career as an oncology nurse at the NIH, and eventually became a medical writer. She is married to an Irish carpenter and they raised their family in central New Jersey. Now she is breaking away from drug development and writing a few "happily ever after's."

She is thrilled that the Guardians of Cridhe will be releasing their second collection of new Scottish historical novellas, Highland Flames, on September 21, 2015. Working with stellar authors in the genre, Tarah Scott, Sue-Ellen Welfonder, Kathrine Lynn Davis, Lily Baldwin, Kate Robbins and Victoria Zak on this new volume has once again been magical. 

This book was okay. Katherine was strong and compassionate but whenever Neill is around she becomes very meek. Neill is the kind of guy that makes assumptions before getting all the facts. There is never a clear reason on why he doesn't trust his brother. And the relationship between Katherine and Neill, to me, seemed forced. But it was a good book and if you like Historical Fiction books, read it.

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