October 19, 2015

#Review of The Secrets of Blood and Bone: A Novel (Jackdaw Hammond #2) by Rebecca Alexander

In the stunning follow up to The Secrets of Life and Death, Rebecca Alexander has created a gripping supernatural thriller that bridges time, legend and the power of blood.

Following her showdown with Elizabeth Bathory, Jackdaw Hammond is running from her past, hiding from her future, and hoping to contain her newfound thirst for blood. Buying an overgrown home in the middle of nowhere seems like the perfect place to escape…at least until she finds herself in the sights of a murderous family with a terrible secret and a penchant for dark magic. Meanwhile, her old ally Felix Guichard has gone to New Orleans to conduct his own investigation into the nature of blood magic, but is soon sucked into the intrigues of the city’s occult underworld. But Jack will need Felix more than she knows, for the battle for her soul is set to begin.

Her only salvation may lie with the secrets of 16th century master occultist Edward Kelley, and a dangerous mission he undertook in Venice to confront the Inquisition, the darkest deeds of his own past, and the fearsome power of Elizabeth Bathory.

I havnet read the first book in this series but that ended up being ok.  I think I will go back and read book one since I enjoyed this one.  However, if you don't want to do that this book works well as a standalone to. 

I have to say that I loved LOVED the occult side of this book.  Ive been a Pagan for over 20 years and the author did a great job with it.  However, those who do not have a background with the occult might find it hard to follow.  I think the author should have down graded the occult aspect or took the time to explain it. I look forward to see if this section is explained in book one. 

I loved all the characters they each had their own voices etc.  I am not exactly a die hard fan. But that might change once I read book one. 

 Go Into This One Knowing 
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