February 05, 2016

#TakeControlTBR #Giveaway

So after much thought I decided to make this a monthly challenge vs. a weekly one.  So each month Ill run this for 1 week then ill read the top 3 books chosen!  

So for Feb the vote was for Purple so here are all the books that I have via series in Purple.

Im doing series since I'm trying to weed out the most books at one time.
If I like the series or if I don't like the series then I'm pulling more than one book.

"All opinions are 100% honest and my own." 

Don't forget watch my video for 1 more choice and for an extra chance to win!  

Feb Weekly Mail Haul | CrossroadReviews

Current Votes:

8 Nightshade
7 Wildfire
3 Half-Blood

4 Green

Winners are

Dme Cortes
Joann Downie

This giveaway will end Monday whenever I get up lol 

IGNORE Beautiful Creatures!!! 
DONT Vote for it!!! 
Its currently on my list of stuff for sale/trade

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Beautiful Creatures, Nightshade, and Wildfire. Next month should be orange.

Beautiful Creatures, Nightshade, and Glitch.
I'm gonna said Teal for next month.

Also just wanted to say that picking a color scheme like that sounds like a fun way to choose which books to read next. :)

Half-Blood, Wildefire, and Nightshade! I have read all of them you will not regret it^^ They are so addictive in my opinion I couldn't put them down for one minute especially Wildefire. Next month I say red.
-Dihmar C.

Nightshade, Beautiful Creature and Wildfire!!

Nightshade, Glitch and Beautiful Creatures. That way you get two smallish series and a bigger one.

Next month I say green.

You should read Beautiful Creatures, Wildfire and and The Beautiful and the Cursed. And March should be pink!
Thank you for the giveaway! :-)

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Nightshade, Wildfire!
I'd recommend Beautiful Creatures too if you are into stories about Witches, even though for me the series kind of went south after book 2!
Next month's color should be Teal... so if you haven't read Lady Midnight yet, here's your chance!! :)
Edit: ooops! grammar mistake!

Beautiful Creatures, Nightshade, and Wildfire.
Next color should be green.

I think Glitch, Nightshade and Wildfire sound good. Green is perfect for March.

I would choose The Sweetest Dark, Wildfire, and The Beautiful and the Cursed!!

Also I think the next color should be green for St. Patrick's Day!!

you won! Please fill out the form thanks -https://docs.google.com/forms/d/16CFUPZB3X3NrZBqW7TD5hmSNM2vKhgOGAnn988GvrAI/viewform

you won! Please fill out the form thanks -https://docs.google.com/forms/d/16CFUPZB3X3NrZBqW7TD5hmSNM2vKhgOGAnn988GvrAI/viewform

Giveaway Title is TBR-Feb

you won! Please fill out the form thanks -https://docs.google.com/forms/d/16CFUPZB3X3NrZBqW7TD5hmSNM2vKhgOGAnn988GvrAI/viewform

Giveaway Title is TBR-Feb

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