March 02, 2016

Don't Get Burned Out Reading~ March Discussion Challenge: #hosted by @NicoleMHewitt

I found this in my bloglovin feed so thought I would link up and do some discussions.  

So this week I'm talking about getting burned out.  

So if you have seen my calendar you know we post a lot!  Last year I took on a co blogger so now its two of us. But even with that its easy to get burned out.  Reading non stop has its + and - so here are a few and what you can do as a reader or blogger not to get burned out.

We post about 100+ posts a month and in the last few months we have learned to pace ourselves.

So here is a great tip!

1. Don't read before bed!

Don't read back to back!  When I finish a book if there is less than 5 hours before its midnight I don't pick up a new book before bed.  Ive noticed that reading right before bed makes it so I of course don't want to put the book down and it keeps my mind running and I end up getting a crapy sleep.
So if you are a read before bed kinda person go a week without reading before bed. See if you sleep better.

2. Social Media

Being a book blogger I try to post to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram every day but lately ive noticed that Ive been ignoring it just a little.  The best thing to do with Social Media is plan ahead.  Know what pictures you want to take, spend a day take all of the pictures then all you need to do is post them.  You could use hoot suite for Facebook and twitter.  But for me this just makes it easier.  If I have all the pictures done it takes me a few seconds to hop on my phone and make a posts up.

3. Reviews

Reviewing can suck the joy and life out of reading.  So we've learned to do them in advance.  The best way to make up reviews is take a day make up the next three books your going to read then just save them.  So then when your done you just need to add your review.  It makes things go so much faster.

So here are our tips. I hope you enjoy them!  If you have a great tip please leave it in the comments below! 

"All opinions are 100% honest and my own." 

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