August 01, 2017

#BookReview: Vigilante by @AlterKates @HarlequinTEEN #Giveaway

A brutally honest, uncompromising story about a teen girl who decides to take matters into her own hands.

It's senior year, and Hadley and her best friend, Magda, should be starting the year together. Instead, Magda is dead and Hadley is alone. Raped at a party the year before and humiliated, Magda was driven to take her own life and Hadley is forced to see her friend's attackers in the classroom every day. Devastated, enraged and needing an outlet for her grief, Hadley decides to get a little justice of her own.

Donning a pink ski mask and fueled by anger, Hadley goes after each of the guys one by one, planning to strip them of their dignity and social status the way they did to Magda. As the legend of the pink-masked Vigilante begins to take on a life of its own, Hadley's revenge takes a turn for the dangerous. Could her need for vengeance lead her down a path she can't turn back from?

Kady Cross, publishing under various names, is a USA TODAY bestselling author of more than twenty books, including Harlequin TEEN's Steampunk Chronicles. She is lucky enough to have a husband who shares her love for the slightly twisted and all things geek, and a houseful of cats with whom she shares her darkest secrets. Her love of books and makeup borders on addiction—of which she never, ever wants to be cured. Visit her on the web at or on Twitter: @AlterKates.

** spoiler alert ** I'm hiding this because there is just so much I want to say about this and just in case I mention a spoiler it's taken care of. First I want to say OMG this book touched me and not inappropriately.

This book about a best friend who gets revenge on the boys that raped her friend was beyond the best book of 2017 so far. I've loved Kady Cross and her books and I haven't read one I didn't like yet. And this one was no different. This one touched my soul and my heart and I couldn't put it down.

The story shows you so many things. From how to stay safe and know that if you are raped or your friend is raped neither of you is to blame. The only ones that are to blame are those that did the raping.

It also goes to show you that although revenge and getting justice when the system doesn't work might sound like a good idea. That things can spiral out of hand very quickly. Just like we saw at the end of this story.

I said this story touched me because I myself have been the victim of sexual assault. Once when I was a baby, another time when I was in elementary school, and another when I was 11 years old. Although to my knowledge I was never raped (my mind has blocked pretty much everything that occurred) I do know how it feels to be hopeless and helpless in the face of an attacker. When I was 11 I told my mother that her boyfriend was touching me and to this day she still doesn't believe me. My attacker went free and of course, at the time I was too young to do anything about it.

I really loved how this story empowers girls and women. That we do not have to be meek and helpless. We can stand up for ourselves as well as others and kick some butt.

This book although had a very dark story to it also had a few humorous parts. Which lightened the mood ever so slightly. There were also many dark moments as well as steamy and ones that brought tears to my eyes.

All the characters were so alive in this story. And the only way I think it could have been any better would have been if we would have gotten Magda's POV leading up to her choosing to take her life. It would have rounded out the story and given us the reader a better idea of how she felt. It would have allowed us to step into her shoes. But that being said. I think the way it was written was wonderful. We got an inside look of the aftermath of someone deciding that they couldn't take an event anymore. And how those who survived felt and dealt with the loss of a friend, a sister, and a daughter. As well as those other girls who had been in the same situation but survived.

I think I also want to put in here that suicide is never the answer back in 2009 I attempted to take my own life. I was done with the world, I was done with my life, I didn't want to deal with my family or the friends who had abandoned me. I was just done with trying altogether. I took a bottle of sleeping pills and told everyone goodbye on my phone and was pretty much done. Luckily people called 911 and had me taken to the ER where I was saved in time as I was going into stage one liver failure. I was lucky that people caught it.

In this book, Hadley thinks back that there should have been signs that her friend was going to kill herself. But that there weren't. And sometimes there isn't. I had decided to kill myself within a few hours of thinking I was done. It wasn't premeditated or anything. It was just a choice I decided to do and did it.

I hope that everyone chooses to read this book. It speaks volumes about how our society needs to change. Rape is rape, no means no, and if the person your having sex with us passed our or so drunk they don't know which way is up that's an automatic NO. help them home and done mess with them! It's rape if you do!

The best thing I can think to say to is don't give up if you are ever in a situation like they were. Go to the ER get help and turn the people in who hurt you. Your life will probably be a living kind of **ll but at least hopefully they will get the people who harmed you so they can't do it to anyone else. It's not your fault you were raped. Just like she stated in the book. You should be able to walk down the street naked and not be messed with. And that's the truth.

Don't give up! 

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