January 30, 2018

#BookReview: Unchained (Scion #3) by Michael J. Allen

About the Book:

Alaric’s crusade against slavery backfires when the Corollas unknowingly capture and collar him once more. Enslaved as a pit fighter side by side with his old enemy, Manc Shepherd, Alaric must survive to break his chains.

A mysterious huntress pursues Alaric, ultimately ingratiating herself with Tyne in order to get close to Alaric and complete her contract. War hero Commodore Bruce Dolan det Regis does everything he can to find Alaric—including recruit, cajole and extort Alaric’s one time friends.

Missing, beaten and bathed in blood, Alaric finds new and old allies in the pit that help transform him into a killing machine. Coming sword to sword with a refugee Alaric’s schemes sold into slavery, he chooses to defy his owner, the Dominari, in a way that reveals his location.

Enemies and allies race to the Dominari’s doorstep. They demand she turn Alaric over, refusing to divulge his identity. She pledges to kill Alaric and burn Scrics Three to the ground before surrendering her prize. When she learns Alaric’s identity, the Dominari organizes a public spectacle that forces him to kill his friends or die.

Alaric rescues Manc as he affects an escape and returns to the stars. Pelson and the others waylay Alaric en route to rebuild the destroyed Cassiopeia, revealing Alaric’s true identity. Still reeling from these revelations, Alaric witnesses the destructive atrocities of a bold, new Corollas juggernaut. 

Will Alaric choose an easy life with a family he can’t remember or rid the Protectorate of slavery once and for all with the help of a KIOSC-shortcutting hack, a new crew and the new Cassiopeia?

Reviewed By: Lauren
Publisher: Delirious Scribbles Ink
Recommended Age: Adult 
Genre: Science Fiction
How I Acquired this book: Author
Overall rating: ★★★★
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About the Author:
Born beneath the pendulous thunderheads of the Pacific Northwest, Michael J. Allen loves splashing in the rain, the crack of thunder and the feeling of wind on his skin. Now relocated to rural Georgia and freed from warden duty over his former teenagers, the multi-genre author enjoys hikes with his Labradors - Myth and Magesty, studying historic methods of beating people with sticks in the SCA, and hanging out with the Starfleet International crew of the USS DaVinci. Being born waterlogged and subsequently warped by the likes of Bill Cosby, Robin Williams, Gene Wilder and Danny Kay, he has an odd sense of humor that often skips him merrily into situations of communicable insanity, impromptu sugar cravings or sudden launches into nonsensical song.

Living near forests and oceans and the park used to film Errol Flynn's Adventures of Robin Hood, he loves adventure of all kinds whether it be pirates or dragons, books or movies, video games or even new and exotic recipes to sate his love of cooking. His story telling talents first manifested when high school friends introduced him to the Star Trek pen and paper RPG and later Dungeons & Dragons. He explored every game he could get his hands on and eventually was drafted to create the games. A recovering Game Master, he abandoned RPGs for writing because real live players never played the story out the way he saw it in his head - apparently neither do fictional characters. Michael followed his dreams into US Navy submariner service in hopes of joining NASA and realizing his lifelong affection for building and exploding things in outer space. Fortunately for readers, though he fell short of the stars, his love of space and engineering blossomed into science fiction worlds like his bestselling Scion series. Now he commits his dreams onto paper, scribbling wherever the adventure leads through fantastic urban environs, eldritch woods or streaking across the stars, and taking pleasure in the simple hope that people enjoy the adventure within his pages.

Noteworthy experiences while reading this book: So glad that I got to read this one!! Book one and two were fabulous. 

Check out author's other books? Yes
Recommend this book? Yes

Notes and Opinions:  When it came up that I could read this I was freaking out!!  I loved book 1-2.5 and I was so excited to be able to read book three.  This one was a solid 4 star read for me and I couldn't put it down.  The writing is engaging and entertaining and the story was so exciting to read!  This is another story from Allen that will have you sucked in by the very first pages.  This was fast paced, smooth writing, and I finished this in one day (yes it was that good!) These characters have become my friends and I cannot wait to find out what happens with them.  This one is an edge of your seat read with action to knock your socks off.  

Go Into This One Knowing: Action and you wont put it down! 

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