March 21, 2018

#BookReview: Agrathias by Conor Nicholl

About the Book:

It wasn't his fault...It couldn't be his fault...

Arone was nine when his parents were taken after an Arcam attack. Now, ten years later, the memory still haunts him. If only he'd helped them instead of hiding, maybe his parents would still be with him and his older brother, Toaran. But he was just a kid. How could he have helped?

Toaran was brave. He'd fought that day. But every day since then both strived to better themselves with the sword, and for Arone especially, to make fighting second nature. He would protect those around him. He would protect his town. He would reach for a sword the next time instead of a corner to hide in.

Oaths, though, no matter how noble, are sometimes impossible to keep. One day Arone sees a man conjure lightning in the woods, and that night an Arcam attack, possibly the largest one Agrathias had ever seen, obliterates his town. Arone has to move onwards despite being completely devastated at his failure to protect those he cared about again.

Arone decides to head to Bengaul, the place he had once called home. Tragedy, though, harbors itself once more, but something spectacular comes from it: Arone finds out he can control fire. The power comes with the expectation he will one day face the man he saw in the woods. He must choose if he will do this, or if he would give the power away to someone else.

Arone has been afraid nearly all his life. He's had to watch everyone he said he would protect either die or lose everything. So now, when the greatest test to his promise and nerves presents itself, he will accept it. He's thrust into a journey to destroy a demon with strength that terribly resembles the sorcerer Dogane from long ago, and Dogane had reigned Agrathias for hundreds of years.

Arone will persevere through all this. With everyone he meets, he becomes closer to facing that man. Arone might die, but he will first do everything he can to stop him. He will fight.

Publisher: Conor Nicholl
Recommended Age: Young Adult 
Genre: Fantasy
How I Acquired this book: Author 
Overall rating: ★★★★
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Noteworthy experiences while reading this book: This cover!!!!! 

Check out author's other books? Yes
Recommend this book? Yes

Notes and Opinions:  This was one epic ride for me! I wasnt sure what I was getting into when I started this one but man it was great!! I am so glad that I got the edited version since this is indi published. I always fear that it is going to be horrible.  But this one was full of wonderful epic characters full of emotion, fantastic creatures and a magic system that I would love to know more about!!  I wish this book was longer and I need another one! 

The author did an amazing job with the pacing and the story and the characters it all comes together to create a rich world that you want to visit time and time again! 

Go Into This One Knowing: Epic Fantasy! 

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