February 14, 2018

#BookReview: Solstice Festival: Dreamsong Book I by Jean DiFalco

About the Book:

Solé Covari has traipsed the length and breadth of Alterra with her Grandfather’s tribe. From the shining capital of Waldron’s Gate with its tall buildings and carefully manicured gardens to the farms and fields beyond Yon, she’s seen it all. 

Like most of Alterra’s Roamers, Solé and her family make most of their living at the yearly Solstice Festival in the capital. Following in the footsteps of her mother and her Gran before her, Solé’s a seer-in-training. She’s been gifted with the sight—but lately, the things she sees when she sleeps have her wishing her talent away. It’s enough to make her jealous of the payos—non-roamers. Sure, a dose of the drug all of them take, Crumble, would block her visions, but it might be worth it if that meant it could also keep the nightmares at bay for a few nights. 

Because there's no explanation for what Solé sees nearly every time she closes her eyes. A fairy-tale village, hidden in the Fog, a beautiful boy with tousled bronze locks, and shadows with glowing eyes all around, creeping ever closer. 

Reviewed By: Crossroad Reviews
Recommended Age Group: Young Adult 
Genre: Historical 
How I Acquired this book:
Overall rating: ★★★
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About the Author:
Jean DiFalco is a writer, translator, and artist from the Midwest. After a childhood spent reading everything she could get her hands on and daydreaming about faraway places, she spent her college years studying and volunteering abroad. In Spain, Jean fell in love with a local, and has been living there ever since, much to her mother's dismay (despite regular visits across the pond and phone calls, of course).

Today Jean lives in Barcelona with her husband, mountains of books, and her ornery but adorable cat, Loki. When she’s not hallucinating events, people and places before putting them down on paper, in written or painted form, she’s probably plotting her next trip or binge-reading a young adult, science fiction, or fantasy series. She has a serious weakness for strong female protagonists, not to mention stories featuring witches, fairies, magical creatures, and things that go bump in the night. 

Feel free to follow her on instagram @jeandifalco or visit her at JeanDiFalco.com, she loves to hear from readers!

Noteworthy experiences while reading this book: I have to say that this cover is fabulous! I love it!!  The story was good to! 

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Recommend this book? Yes

Notes and Opinions:  This first book to the Dreamsong Trilogy introduces us to the world that Jean has created and I have to say that its beautiful!  This was a great blend of story, characters, and plot.  I really loved the idea of this group being surrounded by fog. It gave it a very creepy feel that reminded me of The Village.  I do think that the characters could have been hashed out just a little more and I wish that the story would have taken place over more time. But other than those two things this book was a solid hit.  I want to read the second book now!  I would love to know more about each character in this story esp. Sole!!  If you read this one look out because it ends on a cliffhanger that will make you scream like I did that I don't have book two.  This one will pull you into the story of magic, dreamworlds, and seers. 

Go Into This One Knowing: Magic, Dreamworlds, Seers 

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