February 11, 2018

The Best Books List of 2017 with Melissa Cartew (Did your favorite make the list?)

No matter how fast technologies conquer the world, reading will always be a favorite activity of many people. It relaxes the mind, makes you delve into new magnificent world and experience unusual feelings. 2017 has already passed but left some worth your attention stories. Reveal the most interesting books of 2017 with this article.  

Thank you to Melissa Cartew for sharing her list with us. We hope that you enjoy what her favorite books of 2017 were! Let us know yours in the comments below. 
Melissa Cartew is an experienced freelancer currently offering her services on Upwork online workplace. She is a talented author, freelance blogger, and educator. Melissa’s hobbies include traveling, photography, and social work.
  1. The River of Consciousness by Oliver Sacks

British neurologist, the author of “The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat,” pleased the fans with his new novel called “The River of Consciousness” in 2017. Oliver Sacks is famous for his interesting and detailed description of psychological disorders in his books.
This new novel unites evolution, medicine, arts, and neuroscience and shows the authors’ recognizable ability to build unexpected connections. Throughout the story, Darwin Freud and William James, two friends and thinkers research the meaning of the evolution and nature of human consciousness. The River of Consciousness will be engaging not only for psychologists and other doctors but also for people interested in medicine and human nature itself.

  1. Genuine Fraud by E. Lockhart

Famous for her “We Were Liars,” Emilie Lockhart presented another best selling book in 2017. 
Jule West Williams - an orphan at the age of eighteen. Impersonating superheroes from her favorite comics, she learned to skillfully imitate voices and accents, fight and copy the appearance of other people, literally transforming into them. Suddenly, Jule gets acquainted with the wealthy spouse Sokoloff, who asks the girl to find their manipulative daughter, Imogen. Jule and Imogen become friends, and the girl begins to turn into Imogen. In her game to be someone else, the girl goes too far. The book is perfect for young readers who tend to look for help in writing college research papers and deal with adulting staff.
  1. Forest Dark by Nicole Krauss

Nicole Krauss, who succeeded with her “The History of Love,” released a story about two people who are looking for meaning in hasty New York. The stars of Jules, rich retiree, and Nicole, a young novelist, are crossing in Tel Aviv, where they headed to overthink their lives. How did this journey change them? What mysteries are to be unlocked? “The Forest Dark” has a lot of secrets you will be eager to reveal. 

  1. Men Without Women by Haruki Murakami

Master of deep, provocative writing Haruki Murakami, has already won the hearts of the readers by famous works such as “The Wild Sheep Chase,” “1Q84”, “Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World”  and lots of short stories. “Men without Women” includes seven stories, which embody solitude and mystery. Murakami opens the souls of men who find themselves living without women and reveals the truth about life as it is. 
  1. Three Daughters of Eve by Elif Şafak

Contemporary Turkish writer Elif Şafak has already published 15 books, which have been highly appreciated by readers and literary critics. Three Daughters of Eve are centered in Istanbul, where the difference between East and West, wealthy and poor is piercing. The story begins with Peri Nalbantonglu being attacked on the streets of Turkish capital. Peri doesn’t tell about the attack anyone but begins to recall her university days and her young life. Keeping the readers engaged, Şafak talks about feminism and politics surprising everyone with compelling facts and events.
  1. Pachinko by Min Jin Lee

Min Jin Lee is Korean who was raised in the United States. Debuted with her “Free Food for Millionaires” novel, Lee didn’t stop and surprised the world with “Pachinko.” The book tells a story of four generations of a Korean ethnic family.  Respecting her roots and homeland, Lee touches upon the issues of identity, faith, and family. Even the pickiest bookworms will get swept away in a continuous sweeping story. 
  1. Priestdaddy by Patricia Lockwood

From Korea to the Vatican. Patricia Lockwood is an American poet who has had more than just an unusual childhood, with her religious father and “the most quotable woman alive” mother. Her memoir named “Priestdaddy” is one of the top books to read named by New York Times.  The “Priestdaddy” tells a story of 30-year Patricia, who has no choice than get back to live with her parents and husband in one house. 
Affection and humor, which are observed throughout the memoir, makes the book funny and amusing to enjoy.

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