June 05, 2018

#BookReview: The Queen Underneath by Stacey Filak

About the Book:

The Above and the Under have a tenuous truce that is shattered after the death of both their respective rulers. Gemma, the new queen of Under, must throw history aside and team up with Tollan, the heir to the Above throne, in order to take down a power that seeks to rule them all. 

Their group of rebels is comprised of an assassin, a sex worker, and a palace servant from Above, and we follow their unique perspectives as they are forced to question previously held beliefs. But even with war looming, romance still grows. Challenging gender roles and the expectation that every prince must have a princess, Tollan discovers love with Elam—a young man, a sex worker, and one of Gemma’s closest friends.

Reviewed By: Jessica P. 
Publisher: Page Street 
Recommended Age: New Adult) 
Genre: Fantasy (Retelling) 
How I Acquired this book: Publisher 
Overall rating: 
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About the Author:
Stacey Filak lives in Michigan with her husband and four children, as well as a menagerie of pop-culture-named pets. She can be found haunting Twitter (@staceyfilak) when she’s not busy crafting worlds, daydreaming about recipes she’ll never make, or plotting her enemies’ demise. The Queen Underneath is her first book.

Noteworthy experiences while reading this book: I wanted to love this one so much. The synopsis sounded so good!!! 

Check out author's other books? Maybe 
Recommend this book? No 

Notes and Opinions:  I am so very very sad! This book showed up with this amazing cover and this amazing premise but as soon as I started reading I knew it was going to be trouble.  This was a retelling of sleeping beauty with a twist and I wanted to love it so much.  

When I first started this book I had to restart it after reading two chapters becuase, I felt like I was missing something. But even after restarting this book three times to try and get a good grasp on what was going on I still felt horribly lost.  The writing in this one was choppy and felt like it was all over the place. It didn't have a very good flow at all.  

The next thing was that this book is more towards New Adult vs. Teen. There is this fake sex thing that happens eary on that was just a little to much for what I think should be in young adult stories. And even now thinking about reading the back of the book this shouldn't be under young adult at all. I guess the back of the book even states 17+ which I totally missed.  Once I figured that out during my second time restarting this book things felt a little better with the content. This one really felt werid. Parts of it were full on YA then others were not.  

After my third time restarting this one I finally got past 50 pages and I was pretty invested in the story by then. I felt like I needed a float chart but the story was making sence and I really wanted to see what was going to happen. But sadly after those pages the entire story fell apart for me.  After those 50 pages things were jumbled to the point where I pretty much just gave up with this one. It was so rediculus on how confused I was and how this book went from bad to worse.  

I really think that this book would have faired better if it would have been around 400 pages (yes double the size) as well as being reworked a little.  This could have been one amazing title if a little more care would have been taken. There are parts of the 3 or 4 main plots this book have that are totally forgotten. As well as parts that just didn't make any kind of sence at all.   

Go Into This One Knowing: Hot Mess

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