March 21, 2019

#BookReview for Hair!: Animal Fur, Wool, and More by Marilyn Singer, Julie Colombet

Synopsis: Why are humans and other mammals covered in hair, and why are there so many different types of it? Vivid photographs paired with a duo of quirky, illustrated hair guides serve to illuminate the fascinating facts about mammal hair: why it exists, what it's good for, and more. Readers will learn about different types of animal coats, such as fur and down, and explore the many different forms guard hairs take, such as the quills on a porcupine.

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About the Author:  
Winner of the National Council of Teachers of English Award for Excellence in Poetry, 2015, Marilyn Singer has written more than 100 books in many genres. An animal lover, Marilyn likes to look for critters in many places--and then write about them. She lives in Brooklyn, NY, and Washington, CT, with her husband, a dog, a cat, and two doves. Visit her web site:

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
My Review: No matter if you are just starting out with reading or reading on your own.  If you love hair than this is the book for you!! This is a cute little book to learn about why, what, and how hair is what it is.  Kids will learn new terms (they are in bold) and have fun learning all about hair!!  We had a fun time with this one on our weekly hair Saturdays. 

Go Into This One Knowing: Hair, Hair, Hair! 

"Mammals, including humans, are distinguished by having hair, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot, in many colors and forms, and for many purposes. This lively book addresses a familiar subject in an engaging way. Singer speaks directly to her readers, opening with the question 'Were you a hairy baby?' The format is straightforward: short expository paragraphs accompanied by stock photos overlaid with Colombet's cartoon images of a komondor (a long-haired Hungarian sheepdog) and a hoopoe (a bird with a distinctive crest but no hair) who comment and ask questions in speech bubbles. After discussing human hair, Singer goes on to consider the hair of other mammals, explaining differences in hair and its varied functions. She introduces and defines appropriate terminology and explains hair's varied functions. She returns to hair on human bodies to explain the functions of eyelashes and eyebrows. The tiny hairs in human nostrils are sensitive vibrissae, like the whiskers of dogs and cats. Finally she points out that while individual humans may choose to change their hair, hair also changes as we age. 'No two people--or any other mammals--have hair that's the same. That makes every one of us unique.' (Humans depicted are diverse.) Of all the author's many books, this is most like Eggs (2008) in its conversational, informational approach. Sure to be welcomed in settings with curious elementary-age children."--Kirkus Reviews

"Singer explores the different kinds of hair on mammals, what makes a mammal a mammal, and all sorts of fascinating details about how hair helps animals and humans. While a cartoon bird and dog give commentary and additional information throughout the book, full-color photos of various animals and humans are used to illustrate the facts and terms that make up the life science of mammals and the hair that makes them what they are. From how hair is used to camouflage and protect, to how hair can indicate how healthy an animal is, this book is filled with little known facts and explanations. The back matter is filled with additional answered questions about hair, a glossary, and a selected bibliography. VERDICT An excellent purchase for elementary nonfiction collections."--School Library Journal

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