April 19, 2019

#BookReview for The Art of Visual Notetaking: An Interactive Guide to Visual Communication and Sketchnoting by Emily Mills

Synopsis: Visual notetaking is the perfect skill for journaling, class lectures, conferences, and any other time that retaining information is key. Also referred to as sketchnoting, visual notetaking is ideal for documenting processes, planning projects, outlining ideas, and capturing information. And as you'll learn in The Art of Visual Notetaking, this approach doesn't require advanced drawing or hand-lettering skills; anyone can learn how to use simple lines, connectors, shapes, and text to take dynamic notes.

In The Art of Visual Notetaking, aspiring sketchnoters and journalers will find helpful "Getting Started" pages of icons and badges for common note-taking purposes, with tips and encouragement for creating your own unique icons. You'll go on to discover instruction and how-to techniques, tips, and tutorials that focus on visual notetaking for different settings, from a business meeting, workshop, or convention, to a college lecture or sermon. Expert instruction from a professional sketchnote artist and educator demonstrates how to visually arrange and compile ideas, focal points, and key concepts.

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About the Author: 
Emily Mills is a freelance illustrator and sketchnoting fanatic. When she's not traveling all over the country taking visual notes for The Sketch Effect, you can find her serving her own clients or teaching online classes at SketchnoteAcademy.com. Emily lives just outside Nashville, TN with her husband, Joseph. You can subscribe at SketchnoteAcademy.com to get more visual notetaking articles and exercises delivered right to your inbox.

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟
My Review: I love this book about visual notetaking. It was so informative and had space for practicing the steps in the book.  I do wish that it would have given more complete samples.  But these really remind me of those infographic.  I am excited to try and do some of these for the books that I read as I think that they would help me with keeping my thoughts in order to do reviews. And of course its so freaking cool looking!!!  This would be great for all skill levels and I like that the author drops the hammer that you should keep all of your work.  So that over time you could see how much you have learned.  

I could see someone using this for school as well as for work.  It just has so many applications.  That the possibilities are endless. 

The Art of Visual Notetaking: An interactive guide to visual communication and sketchnoting

How To Use This Book
This book is formatted just like the live workshops I teach. Visual notetaking is simple to look at (that’s the whole point!), but there’s a lot beneath the surface that you may not realize!
It’s important to progress through this book in order. Don’t jump ahead or skip any section! Visual notetaking is an additive process, and each lesson builds on the last. We’ll build a strong foundation, add skills and tools, and in the end, you’ll have a strong, complete framework of knowledge you can be confident in.
Each section features instruction, practical tips, and exercises to help you practice the skills you learn, along with some fun stories from my experiences along the way.
I encourage you to use an unruled journal or sketchbook for practice. Bound books keep your work contained in one place, and they’re easy to transport and store. If journals aren’t your style, use whatever paper you have on hand. Above all, I can’t reiterate enough that you must KEEP YOUR WORK!
It’s so important to look back and see your progress as you grow. My first sketchnote was pretty bad, but I got better with practice! I’m so glad I have my old work so I can see where I’ve improved and how far I’ve come, no matter how embarrassing it might feel.
Turn the page to get started building that foundational knowledge!
You’re probably eager to start practicing visual notes on paper, but first we have to build a foundation and learn the why and what behind visual notes. If you don’t know why you’re doing something, you probably can’t do a very good job at it! Let’s dive in.

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