May 02, 2019

#BookReview for Ask Me Anything by @MollyELee @EntangledTeen

Synopsis:  “Edgy and smart with a sweet and sexy core.” —Rachel Harris, New York Times bestselling author of Eyes on Me

I should’ve kept my mouth shut.

But Wilmont Academy’s been living in the Dark Ages when it comes to sex ed, and someone had to take matters into her own hands. Well, I’m a kick-ass coder, so I created a totally anonymous, totally untraceable blog where teens can come to get real, honest, nothing-is-off-limits sex advice.

And holy hell, the site went viral—and we’re talking way beyond Wilmont—overnight. Who knew this town was so hard up?

Except now the school administration is trying to shut me down, and they’ve forced Dean—my coding crush, aka the hottest guy in school—to try to uncover who I am. If he discovers my secret, I’ll lose him forever. And thousands of teens who need real advice won’t have anyone to turn to.

Ask me anything…except how to make things right.

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About the Author:  
Molly E. Lee is an author best known for her romance novels: the Grad Night series and the Love on the Edge series. She is a 1001 Dark Nights Discovery Author for 2017. Molly writes adult and young adult contemporary featuring strong female heroines who are unafraid to challenge their male counterparts yet still vulnerable enough to have love sneak up on them. In addition to being a military spouse and mother of two + one stubborn English bulldog, Molly loves hiking, enjoying the outdoors around her mountain home, and digging for treasures in antique stores. Visit her online at

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
My Review: First off this is totally a book for those who love hacking.  It brought back memories of that old movie Hackers that I fell so in love with I think it was in the 90's.  It also is a great story about sex education and how important it is.  I think this one would be an amazing story for teens of high school to read.  It is just so important especially in our day and age for this story to be told. 

Schools need to get away from thinking of sex as evil.  Telling kids just don't do it and start accepting it for what it is.  Sex isn't the enemy miss information and people being to embarrassed to ask questions is the issue.  I love the parts in this where Amber is talking to her mom.  They are open and honest about sex and they are both better for it.  Have an open policy with your kids about this topic (really any topic). I love that my daughter's know that they can come to me and talk about sex and anything else.  It's not taboo, or shameful, or nasty,  its part of life and more people need to accept that.   Your kids will be safer if they can come to you with their questions.  

Another part of this book is about rape.  So be warned, Amber goes through a lot of PTSD (lightish vs. other books about this topic.). But I think the author did a wonderful job with the micro flashbacks and Amber talking about it.   Another great message in this story is that it doesn't matter if you are a girl or a boy rape is rape and no means no.  My best advice about going out and parting is to always make sure your drink in moderation (if you drink at all).  Know your limits!!  And always do the this rule of thumb!  It might sound lame but it will keep you safe. 

Drink Rules: 1 Alcoholic Drink, 1 Glass of Water, 1 Snack or some kind of food, wait a minimum of 1 hour before you repeat this cycle.  This gives your body enough time to to start breaking down the alcohol in your system. 

One letter that Amber answered in this story is about a girl who is forced to change her shirt because she is showing to much skin.  However the boys are allowed to go shirtless.  This reminded me of an issue that was going on at a local high school here a few years ago.  Girls were singled out and told that they could no longer show their collarbones.  Which is so stupid.  I totally agree with what Amber told the girl to do that to use her social media and her voice.  Because we as women and girls are NOT a distraction.  

The story itself was great.  With all the elements it had the only one I kind of had an issue with was Dean.  Don't get me wrong he was an awesome boy but I found myself just not enjoying his chapter as much as Ambers.  By the end of the book I did warm up to his part of the story and it really started to unfold and made more sense since it gave us information that we wouldn't have known.  So when it all went down we already knew who knew what.  

There is just so much to say about this important novel.  But I just do not have the words to say it all here.  This is just one of those stories that you need to read. Buy it for your daughters and sons and your schools and libraries!!  Get it into the hands of teens because that is where it will do the most good.  

Go Into This One Knowing: Dual POV, Sex Education, Hacking, Attempted Rape (PTSD Flashbacks), Doesn't Shy Away from Hard Topics 


I stared into her eyes, the smile dropping off my face. What did he do to you?
The words were there, but I couldn’t choke them out. 
She would tell me if she wanted me to know. The last thing I wanted to do was push her away, to break the bond we’d formed by stepping where I wasn’t wanted. 
“You don’t have to hide from me, you know,” I finally managed to say. 
Something swirled in her eyes, a churning sort of hope and want and…trust? 
“I want to be the one you talk to,” I said. “Not just about coding or hacks or tech. I want us to be close. I crave this…” I motioned to the small space between us, noting how her chest rose and fell like it had when we’d first entered the arcade, but now for a totally different reason. 
Being this close to her was the sweetest torture, so much it was intoxicating. Whirling in my brain like I’d had a few drinks. 
“I do, too,” she whispered, her tongue darting out to wet her lips. “And it scares the hell out of me.” 
“Don’t let it,” I said, reaching my free hand to smooth it over her cheek, down her neck. Chills erupted where my fingers trailed, but she never lost my gaze. Never pushed me away or drew me closer. Slowly, I lowered my head, inching closer to her lips, knowing the night wasn’t supposed to go this way but unable to stop it. The draw she had on me, the heat in my heart calling for more of her smiles, more of her sweet scent, more of her voice…it urged me forward. 
She closed her eyes, sighing as she tilted her head upward. A clear invitation. 
A feather-light brush of my lips over hers, and she tensed under my touch, jerking her head to the side. 
Ice-cold water doused my insides, my chest caving in on itself. 
She’s told you all along she doesn’t want this. 
That hadn’t made me immune to what I thought was a mutual current between us. 
“I’m sorry,” I said, quickly straightening to give her some room. 
But then I looked at her—really looked at her. My stomach plummeted. 
“Amber?” I said, gripping her shoulders. “You’re trembling.” I eyed her up and down, taking note of the way her fists were clenched, her fingers shaking. Slow tears rolled down the cheeks that were warm with my breath seconds ago. “What is it?” I asked, her eyes closed, blocking me from getting through to her. “Fuck, Amber, I’m so sorry,” I said, panic building in me. “I didn’t mean to cross a line. I swear.” I’d honestly thought she was on the same page, wanting the kiss, inviting it. I never believed I could read her so wrong, that I could cause this reaction. 
She sucked in a stuttered breath, finally opening her eyes. Apologetic. Hurt. Scared. 
She flung her arms around my middle, almost barreling into me despite the small amount of space between us. I instantly enveloped her, stroking her back, silently begging her shaking to stop as she sobbed into my chest.

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