June 03, 2019

#BookReview for My Body My Choice: The Fight for Abortion Rights by @robin_stevenson #ProChoice @orcabook ‏#MyBodyMyChoice

Synopsis: Abortion is one of the most common of all medical procedures. But it is still stigmatized,  and all too often people do not feel they can talk about their experiences.

Making abortion illegal or hard to access doesn't make it any less common; it just makes it dangerous. 

Around the world, tens of thousands of women die from unsafe abortions every year.

People who support abortion rights have been fighting hard to create a world in which the right to access safe and legal abortion services is guaranteed. 

The opposition to this has been intense and sometimes violent, and victories have been hard won.

The long fight for abortion rights is being picked up by a new generation of courageous, creative and passionate activists. This book is about the history, and the future, of that fight.

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About the Author:  Robin Stevenson is the author of Pride: Celebrating Diversity and Community, which won a Stonewall Honor and was shortlisted for numerous other awards. She has also written twenty novels for kids and teens. Robin lives in Victoria, British Columbia. For more information, visit robinstevenson.com.

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My Review: I do as much non fiction as I do classics.  But when this one popped up I had to read it.  In this day and age so many states have passed laws about what I am allowed to do with my own body if I would find myself pregnant.  It is disheartening to learn that if I lived in another state and I was raped that I may not be able to get an abortion because it was against the law.  That I would be forced to have my attackers child.  I have been a firm believer in the aspect that abortion should not be a get out of free jail card.  That if you have sex that you should deal with the consequences of your actions.  But that doesn't mean that I should have my choices taken away.  

This book is one that should be in the hands to ever teen girl out there. This book covers this topic very well and doesn't come off as preachy or choosing sides.  It gives the reader wonderful information about the topic of abortion and how it should be our right to do what we please with our bodies.  It felt well researched and you could tell the care the author took in writing it. Abortion is a very hard topic to talk about but this author did a wonderful job.  

It is full of stories from other people in all nationalities and POVs. Which made this title well rounded. It would be an eye opener for any women out there that think that this topic doesn't affect them.  Because, even myself who will not be having anymore children.  This is where it starts.  It starts going after our right to do what we want with our bodies then what's next?  Next it will be birth control, then hysterectomies, then what will everyone women out there be forced to get pregnant and then have children?  Its a very find line between freedom and what happened on that show and movie The Handmaid's Tale.  It started out small there too.  

"A magnificent and thoughtful examination of the fight for abortion rights in Canada, the United States, and around the world. Through often untold histories, My Body My Choice details tactics activists employed to fight for abortion rights, explains how race and class are barriers to access—historically and today—and the impact youth activists are making today. My Body My Choice also explains the basics of reproductive health in an affirming, non-stigmatizing, and digestible way for young readers. My Body My Choice is the book I wish I had as a teen, before, during, and after my abortion. I know I would have felt less alone and more empowered with it in hand." (Renee Bracey Sherman, writer, abortion storyteller, and reproductive justice activist 2018-11-13)

"I would have been a much wiser person had I been able to read this book twenty-five years ago. Robin Stevenson conveys the reality of abortion and the true stories of people—all kinds of people— who have them. In sharing the inspiring history of the fight for abortion rights, she makes it clear how much those rights matter." (Kerry Clare, National Magazine Award–nominated writer and editor 2018-12-20)

★ "Well-researched and visually appealing, this is a boon for those seeking clear, comprehensive information from the perspective of the reproductive rights movement." (Kirkus Reviews—starred review 2019-01-18)

"For a heavy topic, the book is both arrestingly visual and dynamic in tone…Thoroughly researched and thought provoking, offering in-depth information balanced with first-person accounts, including stories of women who have had abortions themselves." (Quill & Quire 2019-03-08)

★ "Exceptional entry in the Orca Issues series…With impeccable research, statistics, a resource list, and thorough source notes, this illuminating resource should be required reading for teens of every gender." (Booklist—starred review 2019-03-13)

"Youth will be armed with concrete tips and advice on how they can help fight against abortion stigma and support their right and others' right to make this important decision for themselves. This comprehensive, empowering, and accessible resource will be of great use to teens interested in learning more about reproductive rights either for school or for personal knowledge." (School Library Journal 2019-03-21)

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