September 13, 2019

#BookReview: Dark Alpha's Redemption: A Reaper Novel (Reaper #8) by Donna Grant @StMartinsPress

Synopsis: There is no escaping a Reaper. I am an elite assassin, part of a brotherhood that only answers to Death. 

And when Death says your time is up, I’m coming for you…

My duty to Death drives me forward. 

I've never once strayed from my path – not even when the future seemed uncertain. 

However, Maeve's intelligence, cunning and determination challenges me in ways I never imagined. 

Finding out what she knows is the key to learning how to conquer our enemy. 

The Dark Fae breathes new life into me unlike anything I've ever known. 

For Maeve, I will risk trusting the Dark. For her...I will battle darkness itself.

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About the Author:  New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Donna Grant has been praised for her "totally addictive" and "unique and sensual" stories. Her latest acclaimed series, Dark Kings, features a thrilling combination of dragons, Fae, and immortal Highlanders who are dark, dangerous, and irresistible. She lives with her two children and an assortment of animals in Texas. 

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Rating: ☠☠☠☠☠
My Review: We don't generally tell a review in GIFs but this one really killed me!! I need all of the books right now! I can't believe I have never read anything by this author!  

I really enjoyed the cover to this one. I didn't even see the cover until I was half way through the book. This cover matched the story well and tied into the previous titles as well.  This one opened with a story that felt like it was already going. However, even though this is a book 8 from the reaper series I didn't feel lost going into this one.  The wiring style to this one was good, it flowed and I was never frustrated or lost.  I didn't feel confused at all in this 256 page story.  It was nice to have a story starting out unlike some other titles where three pages in and characters are already going at it.  So that was a nice chance of pace. 

The characters in this one were great, overall each character worked well in the story and no one felt out of place.  The main two characters Maeve and Bradach were wonderful.  I the mention that was between them because they would look at each other all swoony I wanna ravage you. But then their minds would get in the way and they would be like nope its against the rules.  Bradach, was the reaper in this one. And he was so conserved about why he was drawn to Maeve but then he learned why and I was overjoyed that he finally found out her secret.  As for Maeve, she's a Dark Fay in this one, I really liked her and how tough she was. She kicked some major butt and I loved her.  

My favorite character is Maeve, she met death and she want afraid at all.  She was such a great character, who empowers women to be kick butt. 

The storyline/plot about killed me when I got to the last page.  Their story wraps up but this one leaves everything else open as the war is just beginning.  I am typing this up screaming I need more now.  I am sure you all can hear me across the way.  The ending to this one really surprised me on how it ended.  

Overall, I would have loved if this one would have been a minimum of 100 pages longer. I think the author did an amazing job bringing all the this titles elements and characters together.  Even though I haven't read the first books of any of these series that this ties into I didnt feel lost at all.  There were a few places where things come up from past titles but the author did a great job explaining it so you the reader wouldn't be lost.  

Go Into This One Knowing: Overall POV, Light Sexual Content, Major Cliffhanger

"This book takes place in Donna Grant’s Dark World and is apart Reaper series, a sub-series of the Dark King series. Some characters of this world appear in multiple books, thus long subplots are weaved throughout her books.

Bradach is a Reaper; a Light Fae betrayed and saved by Death. In order to serve as a one of Death’s Reapers he must keep secret who and what he is. Maeve, a Dark Fae business woman has secrets of her own, should her secret get out her business and very life would end. With secrets abound how can these two lovers make it through the mess and find both love and happiness.

As with all books from the Dark World, I found this book entertaining. Ms Grant spins a good tale. The biggest subplot of this book involves the Queen… Want to know more about Usaeil? If so, this book is a must read." ~ Teresa Kilpatrick

"The Reaper Bradach was once a Light Fae before his betrayal and conscription by Death. He has valid reasons for hating the Dark Fae and when the leader of his team assigns him a mission among the Dark he questions if he’s the right Reaper for the job. Eoghan thinks he is and it’s not like Bradach has much choice, he serves Death and this is what she asks of him. Using glamour to disguise himself he heads to the dark realm to meet the King, Balladyn, who will introduce him to the one he needs.

The King of the Dark began life as a Light Fae, circumstances turned him toward darkness. He is not what Bradach expects, an impression he notes for future reference. The Reapers are seeking Xaneth, a Light Fae who is missing, abducted by the Light Fae Queen Usaeil who is currently in hiding. It’s possible a business acquaintance of the rogue Queen could have knowledge of her whereabouts.

The Dark Fae, Maeve the Merciless, took over her father’s business when he was murdered and survived the deceptions and machinations that followed. She’s earned her title amassing power among the Dark but there’s more to her than she allows to be seen. Bradach is horrified to find himself attracted to this beautiful woman, while Maeve is intrigued by him, and the request of a favor by her King.

What plays out between these two was quite an interesting dynamic, Maeve is intelligent, confident, and tough yet she had her vulnerable moments, she was also a warrior whose skills rivaled that of the Reapers, and Bradach has to come to terms with his past and that even among the Fae (both light and dark) there are shades of gray. It’s a wise man who can question his own beliefs and accept the growth necessary to move forward in life. The attraction between these two was immediate and felt destined." ~ Amazon Reviewer

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