September 09, 2019

#BookReview: Lia, Human of Utah: (The Complete Duology) by Greg Ramsay

Synopsis: In the year 2342, Lia wakes up to a nightmarish world where the remnants of mankind have mutated into ravaging monsters. Alone and hunted, she struggles to remember who she is and what happened to civilization.

She cannot run forever. But when she turns on her hunters, the mutation takes her over violently. Now she must fight to maintain her humanity and uncover the terrible truth behind the apocalyptic infection—before the beast within her takes over and seals her fate forever. 

Who is she? What is she? The fate of Earth hinges on the answers. And even all her courage may not be enough when the moment of truth arrives. 

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About the Author: Claire Waller is a secondary school English teacher who currently teaches teenagers with mental health issues. She is the author of two adult horror novels, Predator X and Nine EyesFugly is her first YA novel. She lives in Portsmouth, England, with her family.

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟
My Review: This one reminds me of the movie Resident Evil 2.  When Alice wakes up and seems not to know what is going on.  This one starts out similar and I thought that really worked out.  The issues in this one were the pacing. I thought that the pacing was slightly all over the place and never really stayed constant.  The characters were ok but I never messed fully with them and the story itself seemed it would have made a better video game or movie.  

"Body image, college life, and online trolling come to a startling head. British university student Beth Soames is, in her own words, 'fugly.' She balances class work with an unstable home life that includes a depressed mother, a reclusive younger brother, and cupboards that are often bare. To cope, Beth, who is fat, mainlines chocolate bars and uses sockpuppet accounts to relentlessly bully thinner girls from the safety of her own room. Online, she befriends Tori, who is eager to join forces with Beth in making fun of glamorous young women and to woo Beth with sexy pictures and words of love. Meanwhile, beautiful, bubbly classmate Amy pulls Beth into her world of dorm life, pizza parties, and late-night bonding. When Beth and Tori's trolling results in serious repercussions for a victim Beth knows personally, Beth must ask herself why she consistently bullies women and reveal the secret she's been keeping. Though the author sometimes resorts to stereotypes (not all fat people binge on candy every night), Beth is otherwise nuanced―intelligent and witty but struggling with her own self-perception as well as that of the outside world―and her queerness is unapologetic and refreshing. The sheer loneliness that drives Beth to almost unspeakable acts is presented in a way that evokes empathy. Major characters are assumed white. Doesn't shy away from the dark side of young adulthood and the insecurity that can drive a smart teen to extremes."―starred, Kirkus Reviews

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