November 20, 2019

#BookReview: Jack of Thorns (Inheritance #1) by A.K. Faulkner @PoopRaven

Synopsis: Can you change destiny?

Laurence Riley has seen the future, and all his visions are coming true. Just as he can’t control the addiction that dominates his life, or the mindgames of his stalker ex-boyfriend, he also struggles with his untamed supernatural gifts.

Jack can help. His price is that Laurence keeps him fed with regular offerings of sex, but Laurence has fallen for someone way out of his league whose wild telekinesis keeps them even further apart, and his debt to Jack is piling up fast.

When he foresees the spread of a narcotic nectar that will leave a trail of death across San Diego, Laurence must find the courage to determine whether his visions are set in stone. The past has taught him that the future can’t be changed, but if Jack’s poison wins, there won’t be any future.

There’s no time to lose.

Fans of Sarah J. Maas and Leigh Bardugo won’t want to miss what readers have described as Percy Jackson for adults.

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About the Author:  AK Faulkner is the author of the Inheritance series of contemporary fantasy novels, which begins with Jack of Thorns. The latest volume, Sigils of Spring, will be released in November 2019.

AK lives just outside of London, England, with a charismatic Corgi. Together they fight crime and try not to light too many fires on the way.
Rating: ๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน
My Review: The start of this book grabbed my attention and by the end of the prologue I couldn't put this one down.  The author did well with the imagery in the story as I could picture being there and what was happening and by the middle of this one I was wishing I had the rest of the titles in this wondrous series.  This book did not leave my hand after I started!  I was at work and could not put this title down. It was just that good!!!  

The characters in this one. Laurence and Quinn were some of my favorite characters.  They weren't perfect and flawless. But I found myself rooting for them all thought the story.  The secondary characters were well rounded and there.  They fit their roles well.   

The POV in this one changed.  The author did a really good job with the POVs, the story flowed well and I really enjoyed the two she chose.  The overall story was done well. The story in this one was full of action, romance, paranormal, fantasy and again I could not put it down!! I really don't understand how to review this title fully without giving away far too much.  I need a support group for this title it was just so good.  

Overall, it was hit out of the park and I need the next 5 titles now!! I need them all!!

Go Into This One Knowing: Dual POV, Heavy Drug/Alcohol/Addiction/Overdose, Threat of Rape

"Striking prose and characters make this opening fantasy installment worthwhile." - Kirkus Recommended

"Faulkner's lustrous passages turn basic scenery into beautiful imagery." - Kirkus Recommended

"Faulkner's first series installment offers a commendable introduction to his characters." - Kirkus Recommended

"As potent and enchanting as a flower, Jack of Thorns is a seductive novel that weaves together elements of romance, pagan spirituality, family trauma, and magic." - Foreword Clarion Review, 5out of 5

"From its first page, Jack of Thorns is compelling and dramatic." - Foreword Clarion Review, 5 out of 5

"Jack of Thorns is a seductive novel that weaves together elements of romance, pagan spirituality, family trauma, and magic. It's as potent and enchanting as a flower from Laurence's greenhouse: aromatic and beautiful, with tender thorns." -Foreword Clarion Review, 5 out of 5

"Author AK Faulkner thrusts together two deliciously flawed main characters (a former heroin addict and a mysterious member of British nobility), then weaves an empowering plot of destiny, inheritance, and self-improvement--all while letting the reader languor in the glow of a glorious slow burn romance." - IndieReader Approved

"Laurence and Quentin learn to harness their inner power, stand up to bullies, and overcome past mistakes. The slow development of their romance combined with the thrill of battling a runaway god will keep readers flipping pages well past the point where they probably should have gone to bed." - IndieReader Approved

"Written in an easy-to-read, conversational style, the story is first rate." - BlueInk Starred Review

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