November 02, 2019

#BookReview: Queen of Vampire Hearts by Jeanette Rose

Title: Queen of Vampire Hearts (Fated Loves #1)
Author: Jeanette Rose

Published:  August 17, 2019
Publisher: Indie
Pages: 381
Synopsis: A Woman Fleeing Persecution…
Phoebe Atreus is a witch on the run, her carefully crafted rules have kept her alive for the last decade, each one a product of a hard learned lesson. Rule Number One? Trust No One. She’s been betrayed one time too many to put her faith in anyone else’s hands. Even if the legendary vampire king might be the one person who could protect her from the enemies always one step behind.

A Man Whose Abandonment Issues Span Thousands of Years…
Lucien Silvano has been king of the vampires for the last three thousand years, he’s fought in wars that have been reduced to legend, rescued damsels in distress, seduced said damsels, and moved on. Immortal life has become a never-ending battle against boredom. Nothing has truly stirred his interest in years, except her. She’s the exception to every rule, his Queen, his mate, the one-person Fate declared to be his. The problem? She wants nothing to do with him.

What could possibly go wrong? 
Phoebe refuses to share her past with Lucien, pushing him away at every opportunity, yet unable to resist the chemistry that explodes whenever they are together. Forced back to his castle in Romania to live as his Queen, she starts to forget the rules that have kept her safe… until the secrets Lucien has been hiding remind her why she created them in the first place.


About the Author: Long time lover of Paranormal Romance, decided when I couldn't find a book that I was interested online to write my own! It spiraled from there. My first book, Queen of Vampire Hearts, will be released on August 17, and the sequel, On A Fury's Wings, will likely be in early November, I have outlined for at least 14 books in the series, Fated Loves, with each novel functioning as a standalone installment. Degree in Classical Civilizations from Tulane University, missing New Orleans with a vengeance

Rating: ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ
My Review: This one was a take or leave it story for me.  Although I did get a great story about vampires I felt like this one was missing something.  Also just so you guys know.  Even though it says that this book was released it still says coming soon which is disappointing.  The story was well paced and the ending was good.  The characters were fully formed for the most part. But overall, I think it could have used a little more polish. 

Go Into This One Knowing: Not released 

The Realm of Faerie.
The Unseelie Court.
I need something to relieve this monotony. Something to draw my interest, anything at this point to fill this hole inside me, Lucien Silvano thought grimly.
He glanced around with disinterest at his surroundings. The three-thousand-year-old immortal, vaunted and feared king of vampires, legendary predator and player, was bored. And given that he was in the midst of a massive immortal orgy, that was saying something.
To his left, three nymphs serviced a massive ogre. To his right, two lycans filled a gorgon as she screamed in ecstasy. Ambrosia, a potent fermented alcohol for immortals, flowed as every sensual delight imaginable was at his disposal, just waiting to be sampled. But he couldn’t summon even the slightest interest in any of them. Hells, he hadn’t even raised a brow at the sight of the snake-headed gorgon, her snake’s eyes and her own blindfolded to prevent her partners from turning to stone, being railed by two wolf shifters.
In the face of all these hedonistic spectacles, he’d barely stifled a yawn. Maybe he was just weary of Faerie and could do with a change of scenery.
Gods, I’ve only been here for a couple hours and already I’m over this place.
He had hoped traveling to a new realm, to an erotic immortal ball no less, would have given him something to be excited about. It would have in the past. Yet, years of using sex to distract himself had abruptly stopped working. All the ways he used to while away his time falling flat.
He glanced down at himself, clad only in tight leather pants, feeling nothing below the belt, not even the slightest twitch of interest.
He considered taking the rift back to the mortal realm, back to his castle in Romania, the royal seat of all vampires. Perhaps something more familiar could stir his interest, but the thought of returning to the obsidian cavernous walls, the sycophants trying to court his favor, the cold hallways and even colder nights, made him even wearier. There was a reason he’d temporarily abandoned it for Faerie.
He’d thought the magical realm would have made something stir within him. Something that had been missing for a while. Immortality was nothing more than a constant battle against eternal boredom.
He tried to conjure interest as a dryad, a wood nymph, sidled next to him, her transparent green dress leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination, soft and supple in all the ways a female should be.
“Looking to play?” She boldly reached for his cock, frowning when the touch did nothing to rouse him.
He forced a chuckle at her presumptive grab, pulling her hand away, “Seems I need someone more gorgeous than you to make my shaft stir.”
The comment earned him a resounding slap and various immortals turned towards the sound, shocked the vaunted vampire king had been struck by a female.
Shrugging nonchalantly to the audience, he flashed his signature heart-breaking smile, letting it fade slowly when they all turned back to their partners. No doubt the immortals were shocked not only that he could have said anything to warrant the strike, but also that he was the only immortal not engaged with anyone, despite his surroundings.
He’d never lacked for companionship, male or female, as he’d never been picky, but all the things that used to stir his hunger seemed stale. He used to enjoy events like these. When had they stopped interesting him? When had they stopped filling the pit within him?
Swiping a large glass of blood-laced ambrosia, he downed it in a single gulp, slamming the goblet onto a nearby table. Not even the potent alcohol and the welcome taste of blood could infringe on his disinterest.
He knew what this meant; he’d likely begin seeking out something else to occupy his time. When he grew bored of sexual delights in the past, though admittedly never had it grown to this extent, he’d rallied his vampires into a war.
Around and around he went, war to sex from sex to war, over and over again for three thousand years. He was desperate to forget the lack he felt, the loneliness that pursued him tirelessly.
No, don’t go there. Think about war, about battle, forget the yawning emptiness inside.
He envisioned the bloodlust overcoming him on the battlefield, his opponents changing in his head as he imagined the various species of immortals pitted against him.
Lycans? No, still have that peace treaty over that last skirmish. Though over a thousand years ago, both sides had come away with severely dwindled numbers. The war continued for a decade, until Lucien beheaded the then King of Lycans, who had attacked first, unwarranted, and struck a truce with his much more level-headed and rational son, Erik Wulfric. He actually liked Erik, would even consider him a friend, so lycans were quickly discarded as a possible opponent.
There were hundreds of different species of immortals to choose from, and he had no shortage of enemies, he just had to pick the right opponent.
Glancing around at the other species present for inspiration, he pondered the possibilities. Fae? Out of the question. Not only was he currently a guest of Titania, the Fae Queen, but Fae were absolutely diabolical, even here in an erotic pleasure den, it would be unwise to completely drop his guard. Plus, he had slept with Titania on several occasions before she’d met Oberon, the new king, and couldn’t imagine the kind of jealous rage Oberon would unleash if he thought Lucien was attempting to reclaim her.
As a Dark Fae, Oberon’s skin would begin to emit a deadly poison, and his gossamer wings would turn black if his new wife was threatened. He rolled his eyes, you’d think having slept with and discarded her, Oberon would take the hint he was no longer interested, but alas, the Fae still viciously guarded his queen whenever Lucien neared.
As if conjured from his thoughts, Titania spoke from next to his shoulder, “Nothing to interest your varied tastes, Lucien?”
Glancing down at her, he took her in dismissively. Though most assumed faeries to be miniature, they were similar to most immortals in size, Titania topping at just over five and a half feet, and her new husband Oberon, at over six feet. Their only distinguishing features from other immortals were their bright, almost glowing, silver eyes and their gossamer wings. Their wings appeared delicate, as if a single breath could tear them, but Lucien knew they were deceptively strong, capable of cutting the throat of an enemy. Like everything regarding the Fae, appearances were meant to deceive; you took things at face value at your own peril.
They were very different from the mortal’s version of the Fae. When he’d first met Titania, he’d expressed his curiosity at the human’s erroneous interpretation of faeries and Titania had furiously muttered, “If I ever get my hands on that Disney fucker, I’ll be sure to show him just what a faerie really looks like.”
“Nothing yet, love,” he now said. “Give it time.” He smirked, noticing her dark eyebrow raise in question. She likely sensed something was wrong, knowing that he usually would have burned through several partners by now. Why couldn’t he be attracted to Titania again? She was gorgeous, with dark hair and silver eyes. She haunted many males’ dreams, but he hadn’t thought of her that way in years. Plus, her new husband barely let him breathe in the same direction as her.
“Your male approaches, no doubt enraged at you for speaking to me in such a setting,” he said, gesturing at the continuing orgy, and the furious Fae King storming towards them.
Titania smothered a smile, winking at him surreptitiously, “I’ll admit to using you, Lucien. I enjoy Oberon’s jealousy too much.”
The Fae King’s eyes were dark with rage, his tall frame stomping towards them, the veins in his wings beginning to turn black. Weaker immortals would have cowered at the sight.
Lucien sighed in boredom, glancing away from the approaching opponent, as if he was beneath his notice. Which, in all honesty, he was.
“My love!” Titania called out, and Oberon’s look of murderous intent morphed to one of tenderness at the sight of his queen.
The vicious and deadly immortal was utterly led around by herTheir marriage had merged light and dark Fae, the Seelie and Unseelie court, into one and the realm still reeled from it.
Distracted from Lucien, the vampire slipped away, darting through more writhing bodies. Noticing the only empty balcony, he headed towards it. Maybe he simply needed a moment alone to reinvigorate his desire, or to pick a new opponent in his planned war.
Staring out towards the exterior courtyards, the skies of Faerie were lit up with colored streaks from its various inhabitants fabled dust, which drifted into the sky when it fell from their wings. He supposed the sight would cause most immortals to sigh in wonderment, but such sights had become commonplace to him over the years.
I need something to relieve this monotonyThink of battle! Think of war! Anything but this isolation. 
He took a deep inhale of the wind whistling by, the ambrosia and perfume of sex almost muting his enhanced sense of smell to that of a human. He thought back to possible opponents for his vampires, searching for a species that would actually present a worthwhile challenge for him.
As if I could possibly be challenged, he thought arrogantly. There was a reason he’d maintained his rule over his volatile blood-hungry subjects for so many millennia; he was absolutely indomitable.
He turned his focus away from the scenery, no longer interested in the silver trees with golden leaves lining the palace courtyard, instead staring sightlessly beyond them.
The Witches? No. Not enough had survived the years of persecution to be a threat to his army. He’d heard rumors that though the witches had regained some of their numbers over the last millennia, their Witches Council, each seat occupied by the oldest of their magical lineage, were vicious and constantly jockeying for power, making it utterly impossible to accomplish anything.
They spent their immortal lives constantly bickering instead of moving forward and evolving as other immortals were required, mired in their ancient rules and punishments. Supposedly, the seat’s occupants were constantly trying to kill each other, making their Council more dangerous than any other immortal court.
How about against a Demon faction?
Now that holds promise.
Many mortals considered demons to be angels that fell from the heavens and the epitome of evil. Which was the case for some demons, but not for the majority of them. Most were descendants of the original daemons, appearing human until it was too late, their eyes turning fully black, horns sprouting from their heads, skin mottling, changing colors depending on their subspecies.
In the mortal realm, there was a plethora of demons, each faction holding different root powers than another. Some grew wings, others could manipulate emotions, still others were poisonous. Demons had a queen, though no one knew her name or even the plane on which she resided.
Once, in a fit of boredom, Lucien had tortured a high-level demon in an attempt to get him to reveal her location, but after almost a decade, he realized something—The demon literally could not reveal anything about his queen. His interest waned, finally granting the demon’s pleas for death with a short beheading, one of the few ways you can truly kill an immortal.
As he reflected on which demons would present the most intriguing battle, a female’s voice carried across the balcony to him, his back snapping straight with realization. She had caught him off guard. Something that never happened. He was never taken by surprise; it’s how he’d made it this long as an immortal.
“The only immortal not participating in a Fae orgy. How could I resist my natural curiosity?” she asked rhetorically.
Her voice pulled at him, from deep within his chest, but he forced himself to slowly turn to face her, making sure not to let on that she had caught him so unawares. At the sight of her, he barely kept his mouth from dropping open.
Clad in a Grecian-style gown that pulled tight over one shoulder, was one of the most stunning beings he’d ever laid eyes on, and as a three-millennia-old hedonist, he’d seen plenty of gorgeous females. Still, none came close to her.
Red hair the color of the embers spilled from the golden comb holding it up, playing against her bare shoulder. Her heart-shaped face was clear of the freckles which often burdened females of that hue, eyes the color of blooming lilacs looked back at him, the vaguest hints of interest in them.
Her eyes fascinated him; he’d never seen a female with such a light shade of purple. In fact, he struggled to recall ever seeing a being with such a colored iris. Full pink lips had his fantasies running wild, and high cheekbones—she was everything he could ever desire in a woman.
Had she said something? He struggled to recall.
“I don’t see you participating either, female.” His answer seemed to amuse her, drawing her further into the colored lights of the Fae sky.
Finally, seeing her body clearly in the light, no longer hidden by the shadows cast by the ballroom, his mouth went dry, and the cock he had so bemoaned for being unaroused went rock hard. He could barely process how quickly his shaft became like steel in his pants, nearly stumbling at the sudden arousal, shuffling his feet to cover it.
Her breasts, though free beneath her gown were pert and full, her nipples becoming hard little buds as he watched. His hands ached to squeeze them.  Her petite waist led into generous hips, enough for a male to grab and hold while fucking her for dear life. He tried to cough discreetly but he was unable to conceal the lust in his eyes.
Must not scare her, let her come closer.
He was tempted to turn his gaze back to the courtyard, but fearful that if his eyes left her for even a second, she would disappear.
She sidled closer to him, appraising him as he had her. What did she see? His dark hair was darker and longer than normal, curling down his neck, and his bright green eyes had more than one immortal female swooning.
Thankfully he was shirtless, though he wished he’d forgone his pants as well, not wanting anything between him and this mysterious female. He could barely stop himself from yanking her to him now.
Towering over her petite frame, sensing she felt no fear, something he’d not experienced in eons. Most women, and men, came to his bed for two reasons: his pleasing form and getting off on the fear they felt at the idea of being with someone of his reputation.
When had that begun to annoy him?
The mysterious female continued her approach, her hips rolling seductively as she closed the distance. He bit his tongue until it bled to keep himself from panting.
Had he ever been so affected by someone?
She stopped inches from him, actually daring to hop next to him on the marble railing, facing the open doors to the ballroom, the slit in her gown revealing one toned thigh.
Her scent hit him like a freight train, though it gave no hint as to her species. He could eliminate the most obvious ones—she had no horns or wings, but that left a few dozen other possibilities. Cherry blossoms.
He closed his eyes trying to subtly inhale her scent, turning back to the courtyard, hoping she didn’t notice that his hands were clutching the marble bannister, his claws digging into it to keep from reaching for her.
“Would you like to know a secret?” her throaty voice whispered, her breath teasing his ear. He couldn’t stop the shiver.
“Anything from you.” Was that desperate voice his own?
He planted his feet to prevent himself from rocking his hips, imagining he was plunging inside her. He just caught the scent of her arousal from the confusing cloud of aromas and knew she wanted him. Who wouldn’t? Evidence of her arousal only enhanced his need. His erection causing utter agony, he’d do anything to come.
Her lips came closer to his ear, “I’ve never been to an event like this.”
He rotated his head to face her with immortal speed and her eyes widened only slightly in surprise at the movement, becoming hooded with desire again when she gazed at his lips.
He responded to her unspoken question, “So, you chose me to introduce you to it?”
He was flattered and annoyed. What if she hadn’t chosen him? Would some other male be primed to enter her lithe little body?
Control. The. Rage.
Turning his face forward again, hoping to conceal his riotous desire and annoyance. Her lips were back at his ear, her teasing voice making him ache. “I noticed you inside. You looked utterly bored by your surroundings. I decided you were perfect. Only a truly jaded immortal could be unaffected by such a proceeding. And why should I have a student when I could have the master?” She bit his ear playfully at the question.
Again, moving like a blur, he shoved her legs apart with his hips, his arms caging her in, preventing escape. He was sure he appeared ravenous for her, but he stopped himself, just inches from her lips.
“Oh? And have you had your fill of amateurs tonight?” His voice was rough and harsh, and a fiery brow went up in surprise.
Her husky voice remained low, mesmerizing him. “Would it bother you? If I’d been with someone else tonight?”
He clutched her nape roughly, unable to gentle his touch, though she seemed more aroused by his action. “I don’t relish the idea of being someone’s second choice.” It actually had never bothered him before, but it did now.
She bit her luscious lips, making him imagine them around his cock as he fucked her mouth, her screaming his name as he fed himself inside her.
“There’s no one else, I saw only you.”
Her answer rang with sincerity, and Lucien utterly lost control, which was a myth, a joke at that point, yanking her closer for a bruising kiss. Gods her taste! He could become addicted to it and to the sounds she made when she mewled into his mouth, wrapping her arms around him, drawing him closer, biting his lip hard enough to draw blood.
He always tempered his strength during sex—he could kill his partners if he wasn’t careful—but knew instinctively that this female could take anything he possibly dished out. The tangy scent of his blood only inflamed him more, his tongue plundering her sweet mouth with even more force. He wanted to meld himself into her, leaving no part of her unexplored by his fingers, cock, or tongue.
She broke the kiss with a rough inhale, “Shouldn’t we head up to one of the bedrooms?” Her breaths were coming in small pants, her luscious breasts shaking from it.
He could barely think, barely process her question, doubting he could make it upstairs without pushing her against a wall and sliding his cock into her. But his smooth voice responded, covering his inner turmoil, “I thought you wanted the master, female? The master takes you were he pleases.”

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