November 29, 2019

#BookReview: Strangers She Knows (Cape Charade #3) by @ChristinaDodd

Synopsis: I have three deadly problems:
1. I've seriously offended a maniacal killer.
2. I just had a bullet removed from my brain.
3. My new daughter is growing up too fast--and she's in the line of fire.

Living on an obscure, technology-free island off California means safety from the murderer who hunts Kellen Adams and her new family.... Or does it? Family time becomes terror-time, and at last, alone, Kellen faces a killer playing a cruel game. Only one can survive, and Kellen knows who must win...and who must die.


About the Author: New York Times bestselling author Christina Dodd writes "edge-of-the-seat suspense" (Iris Johansen) with "brilliantly etched characters, polished writing, and unexpected flashes of sharp humor that are pure Dodd" (ALA Booklist). Her fifty-eight books have been called "scary, sexy, and smartly written" by Booklist and, much to her mother's delight, Dodd was once a clue in the Los Angeles Times crossword puzzle. 

Rating: ★★★★★
My Review: This is one of those stories that you wonder what is going to happen and you want to try and figure it out as you eagerly turn the pages.  You want it all to be revealed just as much as you don't want it to end.  I loved every second of this story and I could not put this one down.  Murder, revenge, and more await the reader of this heart pounding story!! The story was very original and the writing was easy to follow.  I can not wait to see where this story goes and I need the first two books yesterday!! I did feel like I was loosing some of the story becuase I hadn't read the first two titles but I was still blown away!!  

  The whisper at midnight, right above Kellen's face, brought her out of a dead sleep and into wide-eyed terror. When she processed the voice -- her ten-year-old daughter Rae --  shecalmed herself and whispered, "What's wrong?"
  "Mommy, I had a nightmare."
  Kellen had been afraid of this; too much change and excitement, and Rae's subconscious was rolling out the nightmares. "I know, sweetheart." She rolled over and pushed at the inert form beside her. "Max, move over."
  Some deep-voiced mumbling occurred while Max crawled to his edge of the mattress. 
  Kellen had worn him out. Poor guy.
  She lifted the covers. 
  Rae scooted in. The child was shivering, clutching her tattered blankie and stuffed llama, in the grips of some shadowy dread.
  Kellen pulled her close, trying to warm her.
  Rae whispered, "Can Luna come up, too?" Which the dog wasn't supposed to do, not on the family bed. Max didn't approve.
  But... "Sure." Why not? What was a queen-sized bed for, but to accommodate parents, child and animals, stuffed and real? Kellen patted the bottom of the bed. 
  Luna leaped up and stretched out on their feet.
  Not exactly what Kellen had planned, but bonus points to the dog for bringing Rae through the shadowy corridor and into their bedroom. "Is the nightlight in your room help?"
  "No. That's why I saw the lady!"
  "What lady?"
  "An old lady with silver hair. I dreamed someone was standing over me and I was scared. But I remembered what you said about facing my nightmares and I opened my eyes to look at her. She was supposed to disappear, and she was still there! She put her finger to her lips for me to be quiet, then she touched my forehead, then she went into the wall and vanished!"
  "She touched your forehead? Like how?"
  "Like you do when you kiss me goodnight."
  "So it was a nice touch."
  "Yes. But she was real." Rae curled into a tighter ball, still shivering. 
  "That sounds like a pretty good dream to me."
  "She disappeared into the wall."
  "That's spooky," Kellen acknowledged. "What did Luna do?"
  "She lifted her head and stared at the lady."
  "You know if Luna thought you were threatened, she would protect you."
  "I know," Rae said in a small voice.
  "You've had a lot of nightmares since we left Yearning Sands."
  "Because of the dead man with no hands." -- STRANGERS SHE KNOWS:  An Amazon Best Book of the Month!

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