March 09, 2020

#BookReview: Every Drop of Water and Every Grain of Salt on the Way to Authentic Happiness by Armando S. Garcia

Synopsis: Our happiness is the result of our intentions and reactions toward others, our thoughts, and circumstances. This is because human consciousness is essentially a Nothingness, a No-thingness, and therefore becomes its intentions. 

We become the hatred we direct at others, and the kindness we treat others with. Every Drop of Water and Every Grain of Salt on the Way to Authentic Happiness reveals that the personal universe is fundamentally moral: that to be truly happy, you must be a good person. 

Drawing from his many years of observing young minds, training in introspection, and existential philosophy, Dr. Garcia offers new insights into the origin of our suffering, fears, and unhappiness. 

He shows how our unawareness of our existential Nothingness conditions a grasping of the world as Self, causing unnecessary stress and suffering; and how, by realizing a centeredness in Being, we find peace of mind and authentic happiness. 


Rating: ★★★★
My Review: I really enjoyed how this author didn't shy away from the darkness that lies 
within us all.  You are more than just the happiness that we show the world and this book shows that.  I think that the kids movie about emotions said it best that you don't have to always be happy.   I would recommend this book to those who are looking to learn to be well rounded and to find a great way to be happy and balanced. 

With our children, we have the opportunity to do better, to change the future, to dilute the salt. With careful mindfulness of our thoughts, our emotions, our actions, and reactions, we gain a healing perspective; and in healing our own minds, we heal the ones who love us, who look up to us, and who depend on us for their well being. We can be mindful of our motivations and fears; of the memories and emotions which are triggered by situations or by their misbehavior; of our own reactions and the appropriateness of our punishments. We should be keenly aware of the importance we give them as individuals, the respect we render them, while maintaining the integrity and respect of the parent-child relationship: love them and respect them but let them know who is boss. Most of all, we must bestow them intimate personal attention. We need to model for them integrity, self-respect, respect of others, honesty, and sincerity. We must assure them of being cared for and loved. We can be authentic heroes for them!

Our Meaning is commensurate with our Being. Meaning is conspicuous in our good works done well, in the perfection of the arts and sciences, in great acts of athleticism; it conforms to truthfulness, honesty, justness, and an integrity of character. Meaning resonates in the heart with the selfless struggle: in the overcoming, the rising above, and in the going beyond the Self in the care of others. Yet, the greatest Meaning resonates with God, as That, in the emancipation of Being.

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