November 02, 2020

#BookReview: Queens Kings and Monsters (Monsters and Magecraft #1) by @ateddybaire @Netgalley

Synopsis: Swords and Magic are what define the five kingdoms of Ellendor. Five Kingdoms split between four queens and a singular king. But this world is about change in unforeseen ways. Chased from her home and separated from her father, the young girl Rana seeks shelter wherever she can. Finding help in a dubious set of circumstances. Rana must protect herself and navigate a new world of magic and murder that she has been thrust into. But in the land of the five kingdoms, nothing is ever as easy as it seems to be. Which Victor Krill, a soon to be retired military general is about to find out. Retirement has a completely different outcome than he could have expected. Join them on their journey and discover the hidden secrets that are scattered through the five kingdoms.


Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
My Review: 
First off I have to say that I loved everything about this book from the cover to the story itself. Secondly, I need more. We start by seeing a young girl escape what appears to be a raid on her home but as we find out there's so much more to her story. We follow young Rana through-out several adventures from getting taken in by a whore house, sold off as a maid and potential whore to the magistrate's son, rescued by a mercenary group, and a twist at the end where we get a glimpse of the power that she didn't even know she had. Along the way, we meet many interesting characters like General Victor Krill, Dessi, Uncle Jasper, Oscar, and many others. I'm curious about the relationship between Victor and his queen as it's only briefly touched on before the sex scene between them and it's occasionally mentioned that the queen has a hold over him. I'm hoping that we get to see more of Victor's story in the second book, or even better maybe a prequel story to explain it. I loved that this story had a bit of a steampunk vibe with the airships and a few other elements. I thought the story was well written and flowed quite nicely even with the multiple POV. I can't wait to see what happens to Rana and all of the other characters in the next book.

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-----"Oh, do you read a lot?" asked Teddy.
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