October 07, 2021

#BookReview: Troughton Company by Evelyn Rainey

Synopsis: Jeremiah Troughton was an accountant and his wife Chrissy was a secret shopper before the aliens landed. Searching for a safe place to live, Troughton gathers other like-minded people: a teacher, preacher, jailbird, farmer, housewife, pizza delivery boy, and a teenager who teaches them how to survive off the land. 

Along the way, they discover a how to destroy the mechmons, bringing them to the attention of the 74th Calvary, led by Col. Peter Glynn. Glynn is trying to push, shove, drag, and juggle as many survivors as he can out of the eastern half of the US. Together, Colonel “History Channel” Glynn and Chrissy “Battle Braids” Troughton lead the fight against the aliens on a motorcycle armed with a bow and arrows, and a bic lighter.

Survival of the human race depends on the belief that “Troughton Company is here. Mechmons best be a’feared!”


Rating: 4 Stars
My Review: This Alien Invasion reminded me a bit of a tv show that was out years ago with that guy from ER.   I forget the name of it (I think it was Fallen Skies or something).  It was well paced and had humor and danger which I found made it well rounded.  I will say that for the story it had some info dumping at the start but that didn't slow the story down.  It gave much needed information that you need for the story at large.  By the time I finished this one I was invested in everyones lives and the ending summed up everything well.  I think those who are fans of The Walking Dead,  Falling Skies, and others of their kind will really enjoy this story. 


When I was a little girl, my father used to read books out loud to us. If there was a part of the book he didn't like, he used to make it up and change things. I loved that!! The idea that one can create whole worlds and universes and conflicts and resolutions was empowering. 

I write with the question "What if..." always on my mind. Genres fascinate me; I write science fiction, fantasy, new age urban fantasy, historical fiction, devotionals, romance, mystery, psychological thrillers, and weekly articles for my science fiction/fantasy book column on BellaOnline. I love writing battle scenes. I have fun writing love scenes. Research is everything!

Yes, my books have a great number of characters - and some of them are just flat out crazy. Crazy is fun, though, right? I do write what I know.

I really enjoy getting to know the people who read my books. Stop by and talk to me if you see me at a convention, a conference, a workshop, or a writers group -- or better yet - invite me to come speak at YOURS!  

May you always have a pen and a piece of paper...

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