July 01, 2014

#TMI #Tuesday #5: Being Burned Out

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Being Burned Out!  So I have been reviewing books for almost 7 years.  Wow how the time flies. I have been asked plenty of times about getting burned out. And I have to say that this is kinda where I am right now.  I have a ton of books to read and well although I try to get through as many books as I can.  There is no way that I can get through everything.  A few months ago over Easter Weekend my grams died.  I took almost a week off from doing everything.  

So how do I not get burned out?  So recently I went through all of the books that I had gotten backed up on and deleted them with a message that I still have the file and would get to them and update each review as I got there.  But I just had so much to review that there was no way that I would get to it all.  

So the other thing I started doing was I am trying to get as much done in the next month so that I can start being 1-2 months in advance.  That way if I get sick etc its not a rat race to catch up. 

The major change is I am not just accepting every book anymore.  I am really taking the time to pick and choose which books I review.  I am also not reading on Sundays anymore.  Normally going to Universal etc.  I would lug a book or my phone (for audible) etc with me.  Well no more!  Its my day off to spend time with my family.  

So what are ways that you wind down.  What do you do to not stress? I want to know!


I go riding with a bicycle as often a the weather permits. It's my own time. It also gives me a chance to be outdoors, to get some exercise, think my thoughts, listen to my favourite music, choose my own space, discover new roads to ride on, take pics of interesting things I might see...

I wish I'd have more chances to go swimming and visit a spa (I love being in water) but sadly, that's not happening (mostly because weather is afwul).

Oh, and walking on the countryroads, forests on my own. Also with my phone to take pics and music.

I actually like to read or listen to music when I'm stressed. But if I'm stressed/burned out from reviewing I like to pick up a book for fun. Like one from the library or that I own that I don't have to review. Or if it's nice out I like to swim or run.

When I want to relax I usually pick a comedy or a series I like and watch it for hours. Usually on Thursdays.

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