November 09, 2014

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So welcome to my new Sunday Meme.  Im still looking for something else but for now this will have to work.  I know that my life is so not exciting.  Im a stay at home mom of two little girls. One of which is in school. 
 About the Author
My name is Jessica and I am a book hoarder I love reading and have a ton of books.  I am the mother of 2 girls 10 and the other just turned 4 this past Thursday. I am the owner of CrossroadReviews as well as a few other sites.  I love creating websites and buttons.  

This week

Ok so this week sucked! On Tuesday we had to put one of our dogs down as he was in heart failure.  It about killed all of us.  Wed. was full of cleaning and going to the used bookstores around here.  Thursday wasn't all that special other than my 3year old turned 4.  And well Friday was nothing but bills to pay.  Saturday was the #ReadOn which you can see it on my youtube channel.  It was also my #BookBragging which you can see there to. Today we are on our way to Universal so check out my Instagram if you want to see the day there.

Well as I said my life is so not glamorous.  and well I think this is kinda boring.  So if you have a better idea for a Sunday Meme pop it in the comments below.  If I like one of them you will win a pack of books!!

  Disclaimer: Thanks to Goodreads and Amazon for the book cover, about the book, and author information.


Thais Pampado said...

It is terrible when you lose a pet like that. I have three cats and don't know what I'd do if anything happened to them.
As for the ideas for memes, there is one called "I read until page 100..." (Li até a página 100, in the original Brazilian version) created by the blog "Eu li, eu conto". It's a meme where you list the answers to questions about the book you're reading at the moment, so that even if you haven't finished and reviewed it yet we know a bit about the book (there are questions like best quote yet, whether you like the protagonist, what the book is about, things like that). If you like the ideia I can translate de questions and send it to you :)

Thais Pampado said...

Or you could do something about book covers, too. I had something like that when I had a book blog. You pick or ask your readers to give suggestions of themes for book covers, then you can either search among the ones you have at home or pick from goodreads and showcase the best covers with that theme!

Erin P said...

I used to do a meme on Sundays where I would post the new book releases for that week

Deanna Stevens said...

Pick a book with an interesting cover, tell your little one a make believe story about it & share with us if she liked it or not. Might be a fun way to spend time with your girls.. :)

Miranda Lewis said...

So sorry for your loss =( And happy birthday to the munchkin. Anywho I really like when bloggers do a Sunday Weekly Update. Whether its posting up new and coming titles that week, what they have going on for the week coming up (personal and/or what's going to be read that week.), And you could do a Sunday-Sunday giveaway with it?

jan farnworth said...

How about having your ten old do a book recommendation she an avid reader and that would give your middle grade books some attention? It would not have to be long and drawn out just this is the book i read or recently read and i like it because?

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