December 02, 2014

#Review of How We Fall by @KateBrauning

Ever since Jackie moved to her uncle's sleepy farming town, she's been flirting way too much--and with her own cousin, Marcus.

Her friendship with him has turned into something she can't control, and he's the reason Jackie lost track of her best friend, Ellie, who left one knows where. Now Ellie has been missing for months, and the police, fearing the worst, are searching for her body. Swamped with guilt and the knowledge that acting on her love for Marcus would tear their families apart, Jackie pushes her cousin away. The plan is to fall out of love, and, just as she hoped he would, Marcus falls for the new girl in town. But something isn't right about this stranger, and Jackie's suspicions about the new girl's secrets only drive the wedge deeper between Jackie and Marcus--and deepens Jackie's despair.

Then Marcus is forced to pay the price for someone else's lies as the mystery around Ellie's disappearance starts to become horribly clear. Jackie has to face terrible choices. Can she leave her first love behind, and can she go on living with the fact that she failed her best friend?
 About the Author


Kate Brauning writes YA suspense and romance, reads everything, and never gets over a great story. She loves bright colors, fall leaves, unusual people, and all kinds of music. She believes wine is best rich and red, chocolate is best smooth and dark, and books are best bittersweet. She's almost always listening to music, and one of these days, she'll learn to play the guitar.

Kate has written novels since she was a teen, but it wasn't until she studied literature in college that she fell in love with young adult books. She now works in publishing and pursues her lifelong dream of telling stories she'd want to read.

Quick well written read. Couldn't put it down and it was paced well. The characters were great and fully formed. So want it in a finished copy!

 Go Into This One Knowing 
paced well, contemporary read

"All opinions are 100% honest and my own." 

  Disclaimer: Thanks to Goodreads and Amazon for the book cover, about the book, and author information.


Deanna Stevens said...

interesting, wonder about her friend, mystery for sure...
dkstevensne AT outlook dotcom

Thais Pampado said...

I love books packed with mysteries, and this sure sounds like one.

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