December 11, 2014

#Review of The Terminals by Royce Buckingham

The riveting story of a covert team of young, terminally ill teens who spend their last year alive running dangerous missions as super-spies for an organization that may not be all it seems.

When 19 year-old Cam Cody is diagnosed with a terminal illness, he expects to spend the rest of his shortened life in an adjustable bed. Then one night, a mysterious man offers Cam one chance to join a covert unit of young “terminals.” They are like him, only they spend the last year of their lives executing exciting and dangerous missions to make the world a better place.

With nothing to lose, Cam is in.

A helicopter flies Cam to a secret tropical location, where he’s tossed out with a parachute and an instruction manual. After a rough landing, he meets his nine teammates. The other terminals don’t seem sick; Zara is beautiful, Donnie is an amazing athlete, and Calliope sings like a bird. He soon learns that they’re enhanced with an experimental super steroid TS-8, which suppresses their illnesses’ symptoms and heightens their physical and mental abilities. It’s also fatal if taken for more than a year.

Cam joins this extreme spy team, and they begin pulling dangerous operations in multiple countries. As his teammates fall around him, he starts to receive cryptic messages from a haggard survivor of last year’s class hiding in the forest. She reveals that the program isn’t what it seems, leading Cam to question whether any of them are really sick at all.
 About the Author
ROYCE SCOTT BUCKINGHAM is an American fantasy author with a degree in English from Whitman College and a Juris Doctor in Law from the University of Oregon. Buckingham's first foray into the young adult genre was Die Karte Der Welt, which spent more than eleven weeks on the German bestseller list in 2013. The Terminals is Buckingham's first young adult thriller for the U.S. Buckingham lives with his wife and their two sons in Bellingham, WA, where he works at the Prosecuting Attorney's Office.

The Terminals was supposed to an action packed, pulse-thuding  thriller. But, what I got was a water down story where people do things with no thought. This one started out so well.  You have an enhanced girl trying to get away form the bad guys who are after her!  Which sucked me into this book to start with. But, once that intro was done this book off a cliff and died.  

The book picks up with Cam who is going to die.  When a stranger shows up and offers him the chance to help others by being a spy he goes.  Without so much as a second thought.  I mean I understand your dying but still wouldn't you do some background on this person/company that you don't know!  It didnt make much sense to me.  

After that the book just got worse for my taste. It didnt feel up to par with other teen novels of today.  

 Go Into This One Knowing 
Great start but then dead on arrival 

"All opinions are 100% honest and my own." 


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