February 08, 2015

#BloggerLife: #Yes or #NoPre #VaccinateYourKids

Welcome to my Sunday Meme.  This week were talking about the big question about wither or not you should vaccinate your kids.  And wither or not your decision should affect wither or not your child should be allowed in school or even at the park.  So I want to know your take on this.  

To Shot or Not To Shot

For the past almost 11 years that I've had children it never even accused to me not to vaccinate them.  They both are unaffected by the shots and well I have to say that for us them not ever having to worry that they are going to get chickenpox is great. I had it twice as a small child and it was not fun. (via my mom)

The number one question that I keep seeing pop up is that how does an unvaccinated child harm those who have been vaccinated?  Well the answer is simple.  A friend of mine some years ago had two children.  She has a 1 week old newborn son and an 8 year old son. Well the 8 year old of course was in school and he had his friend come over and spend the night.  Well little did the mom know that this 8 year old little boy had not been vaccinated.  And he had contracted one of the many illnesses that the shots prevent.  Well her older son and everyone else in the family were fine when the other boy started showing signs of the illness (Its been many years I forget what he had)  But the 1 week old (now 2 weeks old) contracted the illness because he was not old enough to get shots yet.  Long story short the baby DIED!

So this is just one way how an unvaccinated child can harm others.  It has also been reported where a child that had been vaccinated brought home an illness to their younger siblings just by being around children that havent been.

The other side is children who are recovering from things like Leukemia etc.  These children can't get the vaccinations because their immune systems can't take it.  So again these children are at even greater risk of contracting something from a child that could be vaccinated.

Its the Law

So now the next question that has been brought up is

Should your child be allowed to be in public places where other children are?  This is a catch 22 and really is kinda out there.  I would fully understand about banning children that have not been vaccinated from a public school or park.  As those places are heavily populated with other children.  But I've seen some things online where people want to ban these children from other places like the mall, and even places like walmart and disney.  It would be really weird on how these people expect these places to implement this rule.  I mean what are they going to do?  Treat us all like WWII we have to wear bands on our arms to prove we have had our shots?

What To Do?

So in the end it all comes down to what you want to do.  Its your child and its your choice on what you want to do.  But take this as a closing from me.

Im going to use Measles since this is the topic of the time. Since all those people contracted it via Disney Land.

In the Pre-Vacinated Era the estimated Yearly mortality rate for Measles was 

530,217 Deaths in 1 Year

The most recent cases of Measles is now

61 Deaths in 1 Year

That means that the death rate of the Measles is down by 99%!  

What this means is that if everyone would get vaccinated we could eradicate most illness that we have cures of.  

"All opinions are 100% honest and my own." 

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