July 05, 2015

#SBPT: My Top 5 of 2015 (So Far) with @KaitlinS16

Welcome to the first post of the Summer Blogger Promo Tour!  I am so happy to be able to be a part of this.  Well the first blogger this week is 
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 I'm Kaitlin and I love books (of course), gorgeous book covers, polished rocks, gemstones, food, and lists. My current favorite things are Criminal Minds, tea, knitting, and the Hozier Pandora station. I spend most of my free time reading, blogging, tweeting, or just looking at books. The rest of my time is spent on schoolwork and Twitter.

Reading is My Treasure (Kaitlin)

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What are you Top 5 Fav books of 2015 (So Far)?

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Hi! I'm excited to share my top five favorites of the year because it means I get to gush about how amazing each one is. It was actually pretty easy to decide on which ones to feature. All of them are outstanding books that have made a huge impression on me and I highly recommend each one of them.

Thank you in advance for reading this and thank you to Jessica for hosting me. :)

My Top 5 of 2015 (So Far)

This is my most recent favorite out of these five. The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly reminded me why I love reading so much. It's both a horrifying and moving read. I had an amazing experience reading it. I also had a great time highlighting the book like crazy on my Kindle because quotable moments were everywhere.

I was almost incoherent after finishing this one. :D IT WAS SO GOOD. Pixi and Levi are probably one of my favorite couples of the year! Their chemistry is undeniable. Along with the romance, I loved all the feelings that came with reading this book. It made me both happy and sad.

All the Rage completely wowed me. Courtney Summers officially became one of my favorite authors with this one (I read and loved Cracked Up to Be and This is Not a Test). It's a heavy read that will most likely make you angry and/or weigh your heart down, but it will also make you feel a glimmer of hope. All the Rage is a very important read, which is a big reason I loved it so much.

In my review for ACOTAR, I compared the experience of reading it to the one of biting into a delicious piece of chocolate cake. It's such a rich book and I savored every moment of it. The world building is layered and impeccable and the characters are well developed and interesting. This book is AMAZING.

Something you should know about me: I'm a book crier. It's not that difficult for a book to make me cry, and Falling into Place--if you can't tell from the description--is a really sad story. It stomped on my heart and made me teary eyed throughout almost the entire book.

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