October 16, 2015

#Review of The Demon Trappers series by @crazyauthorgirl #IndieBF15 #Giveaway

Riley Blackthorne’s life as a Demon Trapper is about to hit the wall. Knowing she will always be a target for those who want to exploit her “connections” with Hell, she’s learning defensive magic. It seems the only way to ensure she and her fiancĂ©, Denver Beck, have a future together. But not everyone in Atlanta, or at the Vatican, is pleased by this news. In fact, some want to ban the use of all magic, and Riley would make the perfect scapegoat.
As a new demonic enemy stalks her, Guild politics roil the city, throwing the trappers into chaos. To protect herself and the man she loves, Riley will be forced to choose: continue in her legendary father’s footsteps, or carve her own path. A path that may well lead to her losing everything she so desperately seeks to protect.

Ok so we so didnt get to read book 5 of the Demon Trapper's Daughter series yet.  But we thought we would pop it up there because we SO can't wait for it!  We need this thing like yesterday!!!!!!!!  So here are our reviews for books 1-4 plus the little novella thats out.  I have to say that Im really happy that we got to meet her.  

Jana Oliver is the award-winning author of the young adult urban fantasy series Demon Trappers, including Soul Thief. She is also the author of the Time Rovers series. She’s happiest when she’s researching outlandish urban legends, wandering around old cemeteries and dreaming up new stories. An Iowa native, she lives in Atlanta, GA. 

This book series is LIFE! Once I started this series, I could not put it down. There were so many twists and turns and it kept me coming back. I honestly did not like Beck. And I don't know why. But I LOVED Ori. Swoon, totally book boyfriend worthy. I'm sososo excited for Mind Games coming out at the end of the month! Can it be the 31st already??

What I love most about Janna Oliver and her books, is how quickly you can become lost in them. They are a completely different world and any reader out there will tell you that becoming lost in a different world, is what reading is all about. I loved the Demon Trapper series. Loved, loved, loved! It was exciting, overwhelming and just plain amazing! One of the best Paranormal YA's I've read this year! I can't wait to see what Jana Oliver has in store for us next!

I devoured the first two books of this.  Then after that they started to feel kind of repeaty.  But then something so out there would happen and drag me back in!  I love how these things surprise me every few pages!  I can't wait for the next one to come out the end of this month.  Mind Games I need it now!!!    I don't ever want this series to end. The characters are one of a kind and so yummy!!! 

 Go Into This One Knowing 
Demons, Witches, and Hunters O My!

"All opinions are 100% honest and my own." 

A t l a n t a , G e o r g i a
Riley Blackthorne rolled her eyes.
“Libraries and demons,” she muttered. “What is the attraction?”
At the sound of her voice the fiend hissed from its perch on top of the book stack. Then it flipped Riley off .
The librarian chuckled at its antics. “It’s been doing that ever since we found it.”
They were on the second floor of the university law library, surrounded by weighty books and industrious students. Well, they’d been industrious until Riley showed up, and now most of them were watching her every move. Trapping with an audience is what her dad called it. It made her painfully aware that her work clothes—denim jacket, jeans, and pale blue T-shirt—looked totally Third World
compared to the librarian’s somber navy pantsuit.
The woman brandished a laminated sheet; librarians were into cataloging things, even Hellspawn. She scrutinized the demon and then consulted the sheet. “About three inches tall, burnt-mocha skin and
peaked ears. Definitely a Biblio-Fiend. Sometimes I get them confused with the Klepto-Fiends. We’ve had both in here before.”

Riley nodded her understanding. “Biblios are into books. Rather than stealing stuff they like to pee on things. That’s the big difference.”
As if on cue, the Offending Minion of Hell promptly sent an arc of phosphorescent green urine in their direction. Luckily, demons of this size had equally small equipment, which meant limited range, but they both took a cautious step backward.
The stench of old gym shoes bloomed around them.
“Supposed to do wonders for acne,” Riley joked as she waved a hand to clear the smell.

The librarian grinned. “That’s why your face is so clear.”

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