January 03, 2016

#Review of Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls by @lynnweingarten

June barely has time to mourn the death of her best friend Delia, before Delia's ex-boyfriend convinces her Delia was murdered, and June is swept into a tangle of lies, deceit, and conspiracy.
 About the Author


Lynn Weingarten is a writer and book editor. Her next book SUICIDE NOTES FROM BEAUTIFUL GIRLS is coming July 2015 from S&S/Pulse in the US and Egmont UK/Electric Monkey in the UK. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Ok first off this book has a LOT OF LANGUAGE! But unlike a lot of books were it feels out of place.  The language in this one flows and fits so well.  Which although I don't care for the F Word it would have felt wrong for it not to be in there.  Ok so thats over. 

This book's story was amazing.  Its a great story about who you can trust, who is going to save you, and well who to fall for.  Its all in one POV of June then switches towards the end which again didn't seem out of place at all.  

This one I wish they wouldn't have called it Gone Girl meets Thirteen Reasons Why because for those of you who have read or seen Gone Girl it pretty much gave away the twist towards the end.  So that was a big bummer but, even knowing what was going to happen this book was still amazing.  

June was such a great teen character although she was naive in some ways. It made sense.

Now this book deals with the major theme of teen suicide.  I really wish that the publisher/author would have added some contact information in the back of the book as it would convey the real world message that if you think you wish to harm yourself that there are places you can get help.  

I felt so bad for both June and Delia.  This book really does make you think about who to trust, who to give your trust to, and well who to fall in love with.  Growing up I wasn't in the best situation.  My mother wasn't a drug addict or alcoholic but she did have an issue with men.  When she found one she would pretty much just disappear and well I didn't matter.  Every time I would make a friend I felt like they had been sent to save me from my situation.  But, then most times I would find out and realize that their family situation was normally worse than mine.  So with this story/book you will really be racking your brain. 

So now on to..............

So this book will mess with your head a LOT!! The plot is great June is determined to find out what really happened.  Did Delia really kill herself or was she murdered.  It is told in time POVs where June remembers things that happened to her and her friend Delia.  And again these worked out so well.  This one was just so good.  I really didn't have any issues with it EXCEPT THE ENDING..............

Ok here it goes. The ending made me feel like this 

and this 

All wrapped up with this one to 

Yes so the ending will def. make you hate or love this one.  For me I am kinda torn.  I loved the book but this ending I just don't know.  Without giving spoilers the ending was just unfulfilling for me.  It left a hole where a true ending should have been.  I will be chatting with the author on my show #AuthorChat on July 9th so as of this post going live the chat has already happened.  So far this is the number 1 question that has come up.  So hopefully we get some closure or at least an explanation on why she decided to end the book this way.  

Um, I pretty much think that Jessica summed up this review perfectly! Ha!
Wow, what can be said that hasn't already been said? 
This book had a roller coaster of feels! And SO MANY, SO MANY moments where I was re-reading a page because I just needed to get the feel and sometimes by re-reading the feel I first had changed and became a new feel! 

It was one of those books that just sits with you. I nearly could not function during the day after I finished reading it because there was just no words! None! There is always one book out there that has this--one book that just stays with you long after you've closed it. I can honestly say, I've never read a book like this. One that had me riding a roller coaster of emotions all while not wanting the book to end and then it does and I literally feel apart. Seam by seam. This book! THIS BOOK! 

You need this book. Like now. Like yesterday. 

What are you still waiting for?? GO BY THIS BOOK. 

One word: WOW!! 
I'm normally not in to "normal" books, books that don't have magical elements or even romance but this book was sooooo good!! I didn't put this book done the second I picked it up. The ending killed me. I'll be reread this book just to make sure I didn't miss anything. 
I'll be getting this book in print. 

 Go Into This One Knowing 
Suicide, Language, Rape, Drug Use, Alcoholism, Time POVs

"All opinions are 100% honest and my own." 

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