February 02, 2016

Jan #MonthlyRoundUp! and Stuff about Feb.

So what in the world has been going on in Jan?  Well for us Jessica's family was sick for most of the month going into Feb looks like the 5 year old is full of germs. Bookwise we have been reading our butts off all month and it doesn't look like Feb will be any different!

Reading Wise we read a total of 38 books and did over 70 posts to the site.

Our Netgalley has pretty much died our 99% went back down to 77% by the end of this month.  We currently have 33 titles on there to read and get off of it.

The mail haul turned out pretty well. So well in fact that Jessica had to start doing two shows a month! This months show will air live on Feb. 14th around noon or so EST. Maybe well do a book love giveaway for it.

You can check out both mail hauls below! 

BookTube has been something that we have really wanted to start getting active in so I took the tube by the horns and started the other day.  You can check those out here

I hope you like them.  You can check out the two Booktube tags were doing this month on Feb. 7th and Feb. 24th.  


The bookclub got a much needed overhaul.  The name has officially been changed and we once again have a website, twitter, Facebook page, and instagram account.  Im hoping to share a lot of great stuff on there.  For Feb you can check out what were reading here - 

@ReadBookclub Feb Picks: @VeronicaRoth @rossibooks @VictoriaAveyard

You can still join us were all online from all over the US.  

Jessica's Massive TBR List

Well this has gone down to 225 but then she picked up a few more books so now its to 230 give or take.  BAD BAD JESSICA!  Her Friday posts are now going to be to choose all 3 books she will read that month. So make sure to check out since there will now be 4 winners for each giveaway.  

Updates for Feb. 

The major update for Feb. is that once again we find ourselves needing to post on Weekends so that the week isn't being over run with more than 4 posts a day. 

So make sure to check us out on Sat. and Sun.  

One of the other biggest updates were going to be doing.  Is that each month were going to run a month long pre order giveaway for a book coming out the following month!  Each month well have a few titles to choose from! You can see the current one that got way messed up for our first try.  

This is going to be for a few books that I ended up tossing all together. 


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