April 18, 2016

BodyBudd-Pullup Assist Band #Review

You want to get more out of each Pull-up Work Out. You want to develop a V-shaped Torso, Broad Shoulders and a Narrow Waist... If you are nodding your head in agreement to all the above statements; then man, do we have a product for you!! BodyBudd PULL-UP ASSIST BAND created by masters of their art Sport up USA, as a result of tons of research and experience thus guaranteeing a whole new level of bar exercising. Get a perfect V-shaped Back, Muscular Arms and Broad Shoulders with this proven method of Assisted Pull-ups. The BodyBudd Pull-up Assist Band is an absolute perfect choice to get the best pull-up work out. BodyBudd Assist Band makes it an optimal choice to help you work your way towards unassisted Pull-ups and Chin-ups, if you currently struggle to do chin-ups, it will assist you to do them. And if you're advanced, it helps you to add additional reps after your muscles fatigue. It offers great adjust-ability to customize your workout to perfection, in either case; be part of a Happy, Healthy and Proudly BodyBudd Family & Love Your Body with BodyBudd! We believe nothing tastes as good as a Well Fit Body Feels!! Instructions: Step 1: Loop a band over the pull up bar. Step 2: Place a foot or knee in the band. Step 3: Complete Pull ups as normal. Step 4: Step down carefully and release yourself from the bar. Step one foot out first to avoid snap backs.

BodyBudd ASSIST BAND CHOSEN BY ATHLETES & PRO'S! Non slip foot straps, Safety hooks, Durable and resilient buckles, all combined for a perfect safe support!

BodyBudd ADVANCED BAND STRENGTHENS THE ENTIRE UPPER BODY, Push your results further shape up your Legs, Hips, Shoulders, and Arms, Get a Nice 'n Tight, Toned, Cored Body - Fast!!!

BodyBudd BAND GIVES AN ADJUSTABLE AMOUNT OF LIFT, work your way up to do more un-assisted pull-ups, before you know it; you'll be a professional pull up machine!

BodyBudd CHIN UP ASSIST BAND ARE IMPORTANT to Baseball pitchers for the acceleration phase of throwing as well as tennis players in the acceleration phase of the tennis forehand!

BodyBudd IS WELL DESIGNED WITH YOU IN MIND! BodyBudd Assist Band makes it your Home or Office Gym, A nice compact pouch for travel, anywhere there's a door; there's a workout! NO EXCUSES!!!

This item was provided for Free/Discount and this are our honest thoughts on the product! 

This item came with not so good instructions. I wish they would have gone the route to give us directions with photos vs just words as photos are much easier to understand with equipment like this. We're not even sure if this is the right way to use this item. We're rating this one 4 stars for the fact that we shouldn't have to track down videos etc to figure out how to use it. Other than that. It's good construction. And feels well made. 

Thanks to Tomoson and Support Up USA for the product.

You can check out this product here : http://amzn.to/1rb4Lc9

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