November 25, 2014

#FacebookRollCall #7 #Giveaway #Hosted by @Crossroadreview

Welcome to my posting of Tuesday Facebook Roll Call.  How this is going to work is as follows.  Each week I will do this post both here and on Facebook then you as my followers will have the option to Comment on just the Facebook Post and/or come here and comment here as well.  At the beginning of the following day I will pick one winner from either the Facebook Post or the Site Post to win some yummy things.  It will always change so you will never know where I will be choosing from!!  
Each week will be a mystery prize! 
So all you have to do is comment below.  Dont forget I will choose a winner from either here or the Facebook post.  So your better off doing both.  
Facebook has no ties to this giveaway



jan farnworth said...

Happy tuesday hope you have a great day.

Amber Hen said...

Woot! Love this! Thanks again for all the opportunities to win!

Theresa Beck said...

Yahoo!! Thanks for all u do and this awesome chance! !

Ashley White said...

Love this giveaway!! Have a great week!!

Thais Pampado said...

Happy Tuesday!

Deanna Stevens said...

Do love your giveaways.. May you have a happy 2sday :)
dkstevensne AT Outlook DOTCom

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