April 11, 2015

@SourcebooksFire 3 Star #Review #Giveaway of Rebels by Accident by @shewrites

A Troubled Teen Sent to Cairo Finds Revolution is Everywhere, Including in Ourselves

When my first party ends in jail, I think things can’t possibly get worse. But then my parents send me to my grandmother in Cairo, and I’m sure my life is over. My sittu is Darth Vader’s evil sister, and I’m sure the only sites I’ll get to see in Egypt are the rooms in her apartment.

Turns out she’s not so bad. We ride camels by the pyramids and ice skate at a mall.

As Sittu says, “Sometimes a moment can change your life.” But it can change the life of a country too. When a girl named Asmaa calls the people of Egypt to protest, I find myself in the middle of a revolution, running from tear gas and guns.

Oh yeah, and I meet the cutest guy I’ve ever seen. Fall in love for the first time. And have my first kiss.

"Miriam is desperate to see what it feels like to be part of the inside crowd - if only for an evening. It's that fateful night that lands her in the middle of a series of explosive events that change her life and those of millions worldwide. This is a story that will open hearts and minds." - Carole Geithner, author of If Only (Scholastic)

This one just didnt work out for me.  The story was ok but the MC was kinda annoying. I understand teen insecurities but this character took it to new heights. She was always hating on herself, family, and culture.  The story really didnt make sense either. The MC's parents are super strict and protective  but yet they ship her off to Egypt where there is a war going on. Why would SUPER protective parents do that? It makes no sense.  

 Go Into This One Knowing 
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