June 21, 2016

#BookTalks Do you #Fangirl the Villain?

Thanks for coming to another post of Book Talks.  This week were talking about Fangirling over villains. I have to say that the only villain I ever fangirled over was the MC in Dear Killer.  Although the ending of that book really pissed me off as it felt like the author just ran out of time or gave up.  The book before that was amazing!  (still want to get another copy of that)  

So read over the post and let us know your thoughts! 

Over the weekend something was posted to my Amazon review of Red Queen. So I wanted to chat about it here. Do you Fangirl any villains? It seems that Maven of all people has a really big fangirl following!!

Since this was all about Maven lets see a little bit about him.  All of this information was found on Wiki.  

Maven Calore is the current King of Norta. He is Cal's younger brother and the only child of Queen Elara to King Tiberias VI. Like his older brother and father, he has the ability to control fire.

Red Queen
Maven was introduced at the Queenstrial alongside his brother, Prince Tiberias VII and his mother, Queen Elara. After the disastrous event, when Mare was taken to see the king, Tiberias VI betrothed her to Maven, and both Mare and Maven were not happy about this turn of events. Maven had never thought that he would be forced to marry, being the second prince. 
However, Maven soon started warming up to Mare and the idea of the Scarlet Guard. When she introduced him to Farley, he swore allegiance to the rebellion, citing that he did not agree with the his father's belief that Red and Silvers should not be equal. He supposedly pledged his allegiance behind his parents' backs.
When a Scarlet attack on Archeon had gone horribly wrong, both Mare and Maven were captured by the king, and it was revealed that Elara has been planning to murder Tiberias VI. In the throne room, she forced Cal to kill his own father while Maven stood back, not saying anything. He then revealed his true colors; he had been with Elara the whole time, using Mare to infiltrate the Scarlet Guard and reported their plans back to the queen. Maven expressed his hatred for his father and brother, saying that Tiberias had "never loved him" and that he was tired of being the "forgotten prince."

Glass Sword

Maven, now newly crowned, had Mare and Cal arrested and were scheduled to be executed the next day. Though moments prior to their execution, Maven gave Mare the chance to become his queen, as he loved her, but she turned him down. At the Bowl of Bones, Mare and Cal managed to escape, leaving Maven angry and the Silver nobles in distress. Mare and Cal then vowed to kill Maven, no matter what. At the end of the book, Maven makes a deal with Mare. The deal was to save Mare's friends in exchange for Mare's imprisonment. He now has her locked up and trapped in the castle

His Personality 
Maven, at first, is depicted to be a lonely teenager, constantly overshadowed by his older brother. He is a Silver prince, but he wants to do the right thing and help free the Reds and make them equal with Silvers. He also despises pageantry. A different side of him is shown as he grew closer to Mare, possibly even falling in love with her, and gets involved with the Scarlet Guard. However, at the end of the novel, he is revealed to be malicious and treacherous, turning against his brother and letting Elara murder his father. No one really know his true personality for he is quite complex.

“ The truth is what I make it. I could set this world on fire and call it rain.
— Maven Calore to Mare Barrow[1]

So even after reading all of that and both books.  I don't think I could get behind the whole Im in fan love with Maven.  He is EVIL!!!!! But we want to know your thoughts!! 

"All opinions are 100% honest and my own."

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